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I’ll be publishing a new show in addition to my original. But this part of my blog/podcast is Texas specific. I do this simply because I am blessed to live in the state of Texas. Loving and living in Texas is definitely a state of being. It incorporates itself into your very soul. No matter where I’ve traveled or lived there is a sigh of relief and love as I cross the state line of Texas. It is almost indescribable. So occasionally you will read hear and see the tranquil comfort and loyalty that I feel for my native state.

The Hidin’ Bidens

I was up so early and late today. My titles don’t even match. But I’m determined to help save our country from communism and globalists. So please forgive my infractions. I will not stop. My ancestors and forefathers and yours did not give unto the last measure for this coup of the marxists/communists. Honestly, today they are all the same damn thing. So all that they, the soldiers of OUR birthright, did would have been in vain if we allow socialism to overtake us. All of us. All that the the Native Americans did and endured. All that the European settlers did, endured and accomplished. All that the black slaves endured and accomplished through wicked circumstances. We have all collectively done something really wonderful in the United States of America. Neither did my father nor yours, my grandfathers nor yours, none of them fought so hard and sacrificed so much so that we would wrap our America in a package, tie it with a bow and hand it over to communists. Communists rape the soul of a person. Ask anyone who has escaped Communism. What a slap in their faces, only to come to the land of freedom and watch as misinformed, brainwashed, and ungrateful young and stupid citizens tear this country apart. Well, each of us can and will do our part in saving this country. Whatever gifts or talents you have, use them to fight this good fight. God bless us all!

Cafeteria Catholics

It is becoming a bad joke in D.C. The RINO’s . Republicans in name only. Our Catholic Church has people like these too! Catholic in name only. What’s the point?

Cafeteria Catholics

We all know them. They are like RINO’s. Republicans in name only. The same exists in matters of faith. There are amongst us Catholics in name only. They profess catholicism in public but when the rubber meets the road they are liars. They advocate evil in the name of popularity and politics. Even the evil that involves life and death. The evil of abortion.

Extra Leola Please!

What happens when an American black woman tells her friends and family that she has become a Republican. Some revelations are sad and disappointing. Some reactions actually strengthened her resolve and certitude. A strong and amazing woman and patriot!

The Flag, Me and Dr. Lee

Scholarly wisdom from my dearest friend about education in this great country. Dr. Lee has been a fellow patriot in this unforeseen voyage politically developed by people who don’t have our children’s best interest at heart. She however, ALWAYS did! And she still does! Even retired, she is willing to share with us what she has learned. She talks about the history of charter schools as well as the current climate that threatens their existence. Patriots all! Listen and learn!

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