They’ve got nothing. I watched the last Democratic Debate in puzzlement. After a soul jolting commercial for atheism the lackluster chairman of the DNC attempted to rouse up the lefty crowd with a “Rah-Rah-Sisboombah” sort of introduction. Perez was not cut out for this. Pom poms might have helped. The camera panned to the audience where we discover drab almost depressed-looking faces. If I were taking bets at that moment in time my money would be on the Republicans winning 2020 by a landslide.

The misguided introductory hoopla was clearly outdone in boredom by the Democratic Presidential candidates themselves. This was their best? Really? Wow. If I weren’t certain that the Democratic Party would be hell-bent on the destruction of our country, I’d almost feel sorry for them. But alas I can not afford the luxury of pitying them. There’s too much at stake. Our rights, freedom, and way of life to be exact. And for this reason, I will not go quietly into that dark night. (loosely borrowed from Welsh poet Dylan Thomas) 

I’ve always been fond of debates since my teen years. I love them because they are usually exciting and yet orderly. The debater must always be prepared for any direction the argument may go. Preparation is the key to a victorious outcome. Or so you would think. The Democratic debate last week was well prepared for by all of the candidates. Not that it did any of them any good. The problem with these competitors is that they have nothing to offer worth getting excited about. Well, maybe Andrew Yang who promised cold hard cash to each taxpayer each month. $1000 dollars! Buying the vote is the typical protocol for the dems. Kamala Harris wants to study the possibility of reparations to the descendants of slaves. It’s illogical and unfeasible but it’s a carrot. A person so inclined by a perpetual victimhood psychosis might bite at that. But most who have common sense will see that for what it is. Bribery for the black vote. Thank you, Kamala Harris, for once again insulting my intelligence. The next thing you know they’ll be promising “A new car!” They’re going to Oprah us. “You get a car, you get a car…and you get a car!” Hey, at least if they did that I might have woken up from the nap I almost had watching this time-wasting debacle.

Joe Biden is their front runner? He brought nothing new to the table except that he and his son did nothing wrong in the Ukrain and he promised never to do it again if he became president.( Go home Joe and enjoy your grandchildren, play some golf. I’m sure Obama will play with you if you ask nicely. Forget about his lack of loyalty to you by not endorsing you.)  Bernie Sanders wants us all to become socialists/communists and embrace the idea of breadlines and becoming completely dependent on the government for let’s just say it…everything. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is test marketing America to see if indeed we are ready to see gay males kanoodling in front of the White House on a daily basis. ( I don’t think we are Pete but God bless your heart.) Spartacus Cory Booker is black. Ok, that’s about it. He reminds me of organic peanut butter for some reason that has the consistency of moist sawdust. But he is black I’ll give him that. He tried so hard to remind us by injecting just enough ebonics into his carefully concocted sentences. Gun grabber Beto O’Rourke knew even then that his days were numbered on the campaign trail. First of all, no one was going to willingly give Beto their guns. Being from Texas he had to have known that. He actually nailed his coffin earlier when he apologized for being a white male while sitting between the swine and the sow of daytime TV; The View. This pathetic gesture cost him his manhood that day. Much to our relief he has since jumped onto his tiny skateboard and skedaddled home. Of zero importance were billionaire Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar. Amy had been much more impressive when she announced her candidacy standing in a blizzard. Still, I questioned her intelligence as she began to look like Frosty the Snowman. Tulsi Gabbard wins the best dressed for the evening, she wore white. She tried to bring the hammer down but all that she could muster up was an inaudible thump. I do believe however more than the rest she is patriotic.  But her warped beliefs on abortion dwarf her most redeeming quality. Lest we not forget Julian Castro who…I already forgot.

At this point, I think Elizabeth Warren has the best chance to win the Democratic nomination. It is slim pickins for the plantation party. And golly she’s got energy to spare. Free Medicare for all is her mantra. It’s only several trillion dollars and the billionaires are going to pick up the tab. I’m still reeling from the revelation that she lied about her Native American heritage. She couldn’t at least bring herself to feign sadness at the discovery? Bad move Liz! But no she’s in total control that’s what she wants us to see. She is strong and excited about everything. That bouncing cowlick on top of her head is particularly annoying. Because she shakes her head so much to show us her enthusiasm. It is to my amazement that she hasn’t already given herself shaken baby syndrome. She did have more speaking time than the others because when they weren’t attacking Donald Trump they were attacking Elizabeth. 

What they all agreed upon was their unified disdain for our President. Each competing in expressing their hateful outrage. They wanted him impeached. That was clearly evident. But they based their assertions on the lies that the media has spoon-fed to them like pablum. They will never admit this but I think that they all know better yet they are themselves in collusion with MSM directives and operatives like George Soros. Their goal is to get our duly elected President out of office. And because their premise is based on hate in and of itself they will undoubtedly fail. There is no reason to get excited about the Democratic Party today. So impeaching Trump is on the menu. What else can they talk about that would garner the excitement and loyalty from a defunct party whose claims to fame include the killing infants and more governmental control of its citizens? Oh yes, they do intend on saving the planet all by themselves by controlling us. They want to control the planet but refuse to control our borders. The dems want to lay down a beautiful welcome mat for any foreigner by offering free food, free college, and free healthcare!!! To all who cross our border legally or illegally. Come one! Come all! It’s going to be difficult to get right-thinking Americans on board with that. They are not concerned with what we think at all, only how they feel.

Beto is out! All but a couple will be dropping like flies soon. With Biden and Warren on the top tier, it will be interesting to see who drops out next. Got any guesses?

Painting “Scottish Fold” by Kat Hatch

God Bless America

Thanks for your patience! I’m in the process of starting a YouTube Channel based on my blog. It is a learning process for me but I’m growing all the time as a person. No, I have not gained weight. But I want to grow in communicating with you. These are terrible times indeed because we stand to lose so much that was fought for so hard by our ancestors. The freedoms that we take for granted today are being chopped, diced, processed and delivered on a platter to many who will never appreciate what has happened in our American history. I will not stand by and say nothing. Freedom of speech will be the first to go as we can all see in the policing of political correctness. Every word from our President is dissected to a point of oblivion by those we once trusted with information and our education. They are no longer worthy of our trust. Keeping this short, please bear with me as I challenge the status quo. Once my production is ready I hope you will remain with me as we venture as an American family into an unknown future but ready for the fight. My blog will also continue each as a compliment to the other medium. Stay with me friends. God Bless you and God Bless America!

Don’t Be Like Eve

Obvious news bais against President Donald J. Trump exposes most professional journalists as having lost all self-respect.  Not shy at all they gleefully present dissension in the Trump administration with smiles on their faces as if they had just opened wide a wrapped birthday present. The actual news is almost incidental to their not so hidden agenda. There is no shame about their lack of professionalism. Reporters are not even embarrassed when they get the story blatantly wrong, which is often.  Retractions would be a noble gift but they have become a rare commodity in the news arena. What was once considered ‘yellow journalism’ is now standard news. What passes for journalism these days would have been considered propaganda fifty years ago. In fact, I’m not quite sure that the FCC still exists. It is impossible to tell where journalism news ends and where the Democratic Party begins.

News professionals(using that term loosely) have redefined their role since the days of Walter Cronkite. Looking with nostalgia at old news footage one can tearfully see that at least back then reporters attempted to be objective in their reporting. On and off-camera, they took pride in being ethical and objective. Then without so much as a warning shot the Democrats maimed those bastions of truth in reporting. The days of objective reporting took several hits in the name of progressivism. Cronkite informed us with facts that were verifiable. We trusted the field of journalism because its purpose was to give us information that helped us make educated decisions based on facts and reality. Sadly, those days are gone. Sayonara. Over! Not coming back! They are not even trying to make a come back.  I’ve said it before, and I declare here,” Journalism is officially dead!” We bid it adieu. The actual news is almost incidental to their not so hidden agenda. Reporters are not even embarrassed when they get the story blatantly wrong, which is often. Retractions would be a noble gift but they have become a rare commodity. What was once considered ‘yellow journalism’ is now standard news. What passes for journalism these days would have been considered propaganda fifty years ago. In fact, I’m not quite sure that the FCC still exists

We must finally eulogize this long lost skill of presenting the facts without spin. We lament because we never got a chance to truly mourn the death of journalism. We never got to say goodbye. I’ll risk being cliche when I say, “We never had any closure.” When did we have time? The news cycle is 24 hours a day for seven days a week. We didn’t have a chance to catch our breath let alone give it a respectable funeral. Before we knew it the next big story(fake or otherwise) dominated the mindsets and musings of our present-day talking heads. Democrats own the media and that’s been no big secret. For the most part, the largest media outlets are beholden to the Democratic Party. They develop their narratives as a team. Purposefully they perpetuate what they want the public to believe. There are no nuances to consider in their stories. But there must be some kind of a requirement to use the exact same descriptions and the exact same phraseology on every television reporting station. The politicians also follow the same game plan. They are bold about it and do not ask our forgiveness in regard to their lack of principals.  And character? Most reporters would have to google that word. The MSM and Democrats are at this time in history one and the same creature. But if real journalism is dead how is it that the Democratic Party still exists?

Have you ever tried to kill a snake? I have killed several. I hate snakes more than anything in this world. Back in the late ’90s on a beautiful sunny day, I opened the backdoor of my kitchen to find a young rattler on my saltillo tiled back porch. I tapped at it with my wooden mop stick, thinking it would crawl away out of fear. It didn’t. It lunged at me not striking but close enough So, I took that mopstick and I repeatedly smashed its head. I was mad that it wouldn’t go away and I was even angrier that now there was yucky snake blood on my freshly cleaned porch.  It clearly had no fear of me and continued to advanced toward me. The nerve of that thing! I kept smashing and smashing! I think that I began to perspire! Pretty soon there was no part of his head that was recognizable. Dang it! It was still moving. Why was it not dead? I couldn’t have my kids come home from school to a half-dead rattlesnake on the porch. So I went to the garage and found a long-handled flat shovel. I scooped it up that revolting thing. I put it in a metal bucket. I couldn’t throw it away as it was still alive and slithering with no head. I pushed the bucket containing my newest enemy to the middle of the driveway away from the house. As I poured lighter fluid on top of this invader, I told him  “You came to the wrong house”. I’m sure he would’ve agreed. I set that blasted thing on fire. Surely this would do the trick. When finally the fire died down I went back to the bucket and I kid you not that thing was still slithering, maybe a little bit. Thankfully it had fully expired by the time my little lambs came home. When they came in after school I didn’t say a thing, because the last time I sent a snake to hell one of my boys cried out and said, “Mom! You just killed mother nature!” I thought even back then, ‘what are they teaching my kids at that school?’. When my dear husband got home he disposed of it. Thank God we had a fair division of labor in my home. I don’t know where that snake’s corpse ended up. And to this day l really don’t care. But it wasn’t going to be at my home to bite my kids. That I knew for sure.

My point in telling this brief part of my personal history is to describe exactly who the Democratic Party and the media are. The only difference is that they are a snake of the two-headed variety.  Dicephalic snakes are rare but they are found in nature. The two heads fight each other for food even though they share the same digestive tract. These creatures are quite deadly in their quest to survive in the wild. They are morally dead because they are there to possibly hurt your children. So you try to get rid of them. But they stubbornly refuse to just die. I trust Democrats and the MSM about as much as I trusted that rattler at my home. We’ve all seen it. They are as sly and slithery as a serpent. The two heads act in unison. No matter what emergency the democrat dicephalic snake has invented they use the exact same wording to describe the commotion. “Existential threat”, “Manufactured Crisis”, “Russian Collusion” the list goes on. And they don’t stop. The same chosen words are heard over a hundred times a day across all forms of news media. Democratic politicians are in perfect sync vocally. Because just maybe if the people, who they have absolutely no respect for, hear the same lie long enough and often enough, we the intended mark of the con, will start to believe it. There are those who do not have well-formed discernment skills that trust this serpent. We are all pursued relentlessly if we dare to use our phones, TVs, and computers. It is a spectacle!  We rubberneck watch daily as if we were passing a car accident. This is their pattern to the detriment of truth. Truth is foreign to this predator. This two-headed species gives us a performance that can only be worthy of the title “Freak Show”.

Leftists are usually globalists, as one of my old (with an emphasis on ‘old’ if she’s reading this) leftist friends said to me, “I am a citizen of the world!” That’s globalism and environmental worship all wrapped into one statement. As if caring for the world is a nobler cause then caring for the country that breastfed you. For the party of the left, loyalty to America takes a backseat to their feverish attempt to gain power. Ungrateful for the sacrifices made that obtained this free society they are prepared to sell us out in the interest of global concerns rather than our own. Globalism is their god and environmentalism is their savior. This is the New Age serpent form of worship. The world comes before the country and individuals. For them, there is no loyalty to our country, only to the earth as a whole. Their motivations become intense because they really believe that the earth itself is the greater good. It is a mysterious passion to most unless you understand that they are copying Christ and His Church. That is how satan operates. He mimics Christ disrespectfully and people go along because it seems so familiar. He reinvents the wheel. Rather than developing morals and values based on God and scripture they are fully committed to saving the planet. Even though the planet isn’t going anywhere. That is their baseline.

The only way that they believe they can save the planet is by controlling the behavior of the people on earth. In other words, people don’t behave themselves because there is a God to whom they answer. People will behave according to the left’s ideology out of a sense of duty and a natural affiliation to the planet.  One of the functions of all religions is to give us guidelines as to how we live with one another here on earth. The Judeo-Christians feel guilt when they have offended God. The global-enviro person feels guilty when they offend the earth. Of course, we all want to keep a beautiful planet. That’s why it is so easy to get sucked into this new religion. Rather than confessing your sins to a priest or an assembly young people now go to facebook or a television program like Maury Povich and discuss all kinds of sinful behavior without shame. (the confessional) The media is a sacrament to the masses. The newer generation feels more guilt about not recycling than they do about having premarital sex or having an abortion. That is progressivism. It doesn’t look like progress to me. But this is where we are as a culture.

When the world becomes the source of one’s moral compass all sorts of degrading sin becomes acceptable. We didn’t know where we were headed when that iconic television ad campaign compelled all of us to stop littering. The Native American man on a horse or in a canoe, he sees litter on the ground and tears fall from his eyes. I was forever changed. I’m glad that I don’t litter. But I didn’t understand at that time the power of the media. Until I saw it is abused by propagandists.  The mass media is one head of the two-headed snake. We licensed it to control what we thought about, the words we used and the clothes we wore. Of course, the beast of the Democratic Party (the other head) had to seize that opportunity. Who could resist the temptation? They could control the conversation of the entire nation with a well-planned ad campaign. They were now able to manipulate the minds of Americans. Did the left use the media for good or evil? Was it for love or hate? Under the pretense of loving America, liberal Democrats charged ever further left as if to jump off of a cliff into the abyss. That is where they are taking America. If we allow it.

We are in the midst of a pivotal presidential election. On the right, we have President Donald Trump. On the left at this point is anybody’s guess. Democrats will join forces with anyone who shares their hatred for President Trump and those that voted for him. While liberals point the finger at any and all things as hate; hate crimes, hate speech and let’s not forget their abuse of the words race, racist and racism. While they abuse words they strong-arm the rest of us policing our usage of words. The culprit here is leftist college campuses. They maintain the new word rules. The rest of the country simply adopts these language rule changes. I’ll not make a list here of the new offensive words that were just fine 15 years ago. One reason is that the list is too long. The other reason is that it changes every week on the whim of some college professor or more than likely a student. They have a lot of euphemisms for the word ‘hate’ when it applies to themselves.  They are very good at turning words around and upside down making them sound palatable. When they hate morals they call it ‘progressive’. When they hate the consequences of sin they call that ‘reproductive rights’! When they hate religion they say there are too many rules and they don’t need God anymore. They are the gods now, and they are going to control the climate (i.e.the world)! That’s their spirituality.

We are being mentally and emotionally violated by the Democratic beast and its other head the media. Narratives are their venom. Week after week they create an almost rhythmic pattern of deception directed at the American people. Since the election of President Trump, a series of allegations, investigations, and phony shocking revelations have been churned out to the public in rapid succession. When one genuinely fake story doesn’t pan out, they’ve already collaborated in their dishonesty to deliver a new and even more astonishing tale. Each of these concocted accusations contains some morsel of truth to stoke believability.  It is then presented to the public as truth often leaving out the word ‘allegedly.’ They just don’t care what decent people think. It is obvious that they don’t care how we voted in 2016. Their constant attempts to usurp the rightful authority of our sitting President and the citizens that elected him are wearing on our collective nerves thin. They want to reverse the will of the people and there will be a price to pay. These actions don’t come without a reactive force (Newton’s third law of physics). The Democrats’ policies mostly involve imposing their will on the people. They want to make us eat less red meat. They want to tell us what cars we can drive.  They force socialistic curriculums on our public school systems. They want to tell us when and where we can pray. And with the absurdity of political correctness, they monitor each other and everyone else. Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs for not being politically correct. What is it called when one entity forces its will on another that is unwanted? It’s called rape. Maybe not in a sexual nature but certainly in a mental one. 

So far, the Republican party has been arthritic in its response to the loss of individual rights and freedoms. I’m ashamed to say they’ve done little to nothing. It reads like a brother standing there watching his sister get raped. I expect action and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The diabolical efforts of the left have to be put to a stop. Republican leaders must at the very least make us believe that they are not spineless. You would think that their sense of self-preservation alone would prompt the leaders on the right to advance with some sort of vigor. Those who give a show of strength and passion, who fight these evil forces will be re-elected. Those who stand impotent waving their weak hands in the air as if they just don’t know what to do will be remembered as the Lily-livered cowards that they are. They may as well practice putting their tails between their legs because the American people have had enough. And we expected so much more.

In the Bible the serpent represents evil.  The serpent tricks Adam and Eve by telling them that they will be like God. They lived in a perfect garden with all that they needed but they wanted what they thought was more. Much like the serpent, the Democratic Party promises that with your vote mankind can control the world, which includes the weather and the food that you eat  (and be like God). Eve fell for that one. Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree and encouraged her husband Adam to do the same. But it was a trick! This is the same shell game that Americans get from the Democratic Party, at least every four years. 

I’m reminded of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. Satan the father of all lies tempted Jesus with all the riches and kingdoms of the world if only Jesus would bow down to him.  The candidates from the Democratic Party are following suit in promises of reparations, free college, free healthcare, and some even promise cash! We know that like Satan’s offer these too are empty promises because ultimately they want us to bow down the U.S. government. They really want the power to make our decisions for us. The liberal powers that be don’t believe that we the people are capable of making good decisions on our own. Socialist Democrats want to tell us what kind of food we can eat, what kind of transportation we can use and how and where we get our education. The list of responsibilities that the left wants to relieve us of is really a means of gaining more power over our lives. Leaving us defenseless (taking our guns) and at the mercy of the leftist government elitists. The enemy tempted with food to a fasting and hungry Jesus forgetting that He is also divine. But humans are greedy. Expanding all of these benefits to illegals is just the politician’s way of controlling them too.  But the wise have learned that there is no free lunch. All of these promises are empty temptations that will chop away at our freedom. Because we know that nothing is ever really free in this world. There’s a hefty price to pay for all of these goodies. It is a price that we simply can’t afford, that being our souls. Being beholden to the government would be like bowing down to Satan. But he just keeps coming just like that snake on my porch. They’ve got a lot of nerve.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also remember the yes of Mary (Luke 1 vs 38). Eve disobeyed God by listening to the serpent which brought us murder, painful childbirth, toil, and original sin.  Mary’s perfect obedience and her ‘yes’ to God brought us Jesus Christ and His salvation for us. In a nutshell, don’t be like Eve. Don’t buy the serpent’s lies. Be like Mary…listen to God.

Top painting: Mother Mary 16″x 20″ By Kathy Hatch

Photo of the foot of my Marian Statue


Painting by guest artist Robert Wadell Cook

Art is a sincere expression of the secrets of our souls. Succinctly put, art is about freedom and sometimes surrender. I see art everywhere and in everything. There is not a corner or crevice that I don’t see some form of art. I see God’s artful beauty in the falling of a leaf from a very tall tree. I am privileged to see art in how a particular leaf cooperates with the wind in a graceful dance falling. Falling and just before landing on the grass as the leaf gestures her final curtsy, she bows to the tree that released her. On a good day, we are illumined by the stunningness of the work of God and his creation, the Artist. On a good day, the artist is free. The artist takes that freedom in the form of free will. We re-create what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Art is intuitive in that it translates our senses through the spirit and the soul ultimately expressing in a shareable way our humanity with mankind.

All artists are not free. They are not free to express how they feel about the world around them in today’s climate. Many have been muted because they do not go along with the liberal herd psychosis that has dominated society’s culture and most particularly the art scene. Most artists actually prefer not to be inundated by politics, mass media and alternative agendas. However, not all workers are allowed to remain outside the fray. Because of their calling and passion for creating, these brave souls must wallow in the mud collaborating with people who should not even be allowed near their children or small pets. Some must bite their tongues day in and day out because expressing their opinions might mean they will lose their gigs. Still, there are those who, faced with the knowledge of certain ostracism by their fellow artisans, continue their fight to creatively produce in spite of the fact that they are sick and tired of being told what to think and say by mentally stifled liberals. Those artists are my heroes.

One form of expression that this writer/artist is fond of is the gift of writing for film. One such talent is Andrew Klavan. You might have heard of some of his work where his authorship spawned films like:  “True Crime” which starred and was filmed by conservative artist Clint Eastwood. Klavan also penned a movie which starred Micheal Douglass called “Don’t Say A Word”. His gritty crime dramas speak volumes of truth through multiple artforms. The human situation is not always rosy and bright as one clearly sees artfully accomplished through his work. The truth is that exploring the realities of life is sometimes vulgar and uncomfortable. It is not in the writing of the story but in his gut-wrenching honesty in telling the story. His volumes reflect real life, warts and all. Klavan has written dozens of best-selling books.  His narratives are wide-ranging in scope while never forgetting his purpose and love for the written word. Raised culturally as a Jew, Klavan also wrote a book about how his journey led him through agnosticism and then finally becoming a Christian. He also played a major role in writing the challenging screenplay for “Gosnell” along with Irish filmmakers, Phelim McAleer, and Ann McElhinney. The movie tells the true story of abortionist ghoul Kermit Gosnell who”routinely delivered babies alive and then cut their necks with scissors,” ~ producer Ann McElhinney. Well,  if that didn’t get him kicked completely out of Hollywood surely nothing would. I diligently read everything that I can find in order to listen to Klavan’s voice in his style and message.  He also has an enjoyable podcast show. He is instinctively strong because he is sincere in his convictions. I can’t help but pay homage to him because I always learn something different and new. Being a conservative, Klavan is usually swimming against the tide in the industry’s bicoastal affair with liberalism. Klavan says, “Movies are where they were just before the ‘60s hit when they were still making movies for the ’50s, but they didn’t realize that this rebellion was on the way. I think that’s happening now. They the (the left) are all speaking with one voice, but it’s the voice of another generation. They’re being rebels for the time of the ’60s, while we (the right) are the rebels now.”

 Yes, today being on the right and in the art business is a bit radical. Some artists talk about it differently than Klavan who has correctly stated the obvious. Unlike Klavan, many on the left are simply reinventing the wheel. Most films today are formulaic. I see it and I think that many people also are aware of the formula. It just depends on what kind of violence one wants in the storyline. Then there is the gratuitous sex scene, which is rarely seen between a married husband and his wife. Then the climax (of the storyline) when all is revealed soon to be followed by alas the classic denouement. But hey! That formula has worked since before Shakespeare. Basically, while the left is busy making scenes more perverse and brutal, they actually have not had an original thought in the last 70 years! In my humble opinion. What happens when one rebels against the coastal elites? Hmm! Crucifixion comes in many forms and they know them all. A conservative had better hide all the nails and bury the hammers, deep!

I want to believe that we are all free. But I’m coming to believe that is no longer so. People lose their livelihoods for using the wrong words or pronouns. Political correctness is killing comedy and most every comedian will concur to that. So many great comedians like Jerry Seinfeld say that they will never take a gig on a college campus again. I don’t blame them. On college campuses, artists not only have to deal with spineless whiney babies who obviously haven’t given up their pacifiers; but also tall toddlers who’ve become mob-like destroying their own playpens (campuses) during their tantrums. Conservative speakers are rioted against too. And progressives call this progress? I digress. 

Artists must be brave to achieve their best work. I paint. I simply cannot approach a canvass with fear. Fear is paralyzing to any artist of merit. Of course, when addressing one’s medium, quite naturally there is a certain amount of trepidation. But an artist must throw reckless fear out of the window like it was yesterday’s trash and keep those creative mental molecules actively intrepid. It is a process that gets easier with practice. The painting artist must make the major decisions before the brush ever touches the canvass. Often it’s not a brush at all. And for the best results those decisions to have to be made courageously if one wants to have a work of art with impact. Make no mistake.  Being a conservative in politics never impedes the delivery of moments of genius for the artist. That’s truly what they are. Moments. Artists don’t hit a home run every time at-bat. I’ll never tell how many pieces I’ve thrown out or burned! For fear of someone actually seeing that. But we do and must make courageous decisions. Conservatives who are artists are not constricted at all. We allow our freak flag to fly every once in a while.

We have to have guts. Or what would be the point? We work at keeping our integrity intact. Some would call it ‘keeping it real’. Any patsy artist can toe the line of liberal group speech. That’s so easy to do. In fact, at award shows all one has to do is say how much they love gays, hate Trump, or call Harvey Weinstein a god and you are guaranteed exuberant applause. (Just ask Meryl Streep.) The liberal left no longer has to think for themselves individually. They already know what to say to be popular among those who they consider fellow elites. Any one of us could easily do that. But it wouldn’t be honest. We would lose our integrity quickly. At that point, how could we trust what we produce? That’s called selling out. The artist will have lost their very soul. And when you do that you die just a little bit each time. Ultimately you will mourn the person you were meant to be. 

You have to be a badass today to be an artist and also be a conservative or Republican. This atmosphere is not for the faint of heart. While most conservative patrons of the arts couldn’t care less about the political leanings of the artist. They just appreciate the good work as it appears. Yet, liberals seem to hate with venom the very idea that someone has an original thought challenging their easily offended egos. People who make their own living by the fruits of their talents and labor should be entitled, in this country at least, to say what they mean without paralyzing repercussions. Since most artists are also entrepreneurs on the business side of their work (the dreadful side), we need to be afforded some degree of professionalism from our left-leaning peers rather than their ire. In other words, the left needs to start acting like grownups. Those of us on the right have had to develop a tougher skin out of necessity and survival. As Klavan has said, we are the rebels now! We have to be!

But I have hope! There are some in the art world who are not shy about being true to themselves. Their real selves. That’s what excites me about the future of art. There are brilliant artists who are authentic and not frail in their commission. I attempt every day to be that artist. But my work pales in comparison to that of one of my new favorite artists. His name is Robert Wadell Cook. His work is uncompromising, the real deal. He paints with a purposeful command of his medium. His colors are deliberate and bold while being kind to the eyes of even the most provocative viewer, evoking a sense of fortitude and trust. His paintings have a masculine beautiful presence desperately needed today everywhere.  I can tell that he is not attempting to be grandiose, but he is mindful in this painting that I present to you, of the intelligent design of the universe. His seductive use of color draws the viewer in. Parts of this piece are transparent making the viewer feel as though one is peering through to a magical calming place. A place where colors embrace you and you are fine. Cook’s painting elicits my joy and respect. It is exciting to watch as new pieces are born out of his passion for color, texture, and movement. He has the guts to be brilliant and makes it all look so easy, even though the amount of work that he puts into each piece tells me that it is not always easy. That is why this week instead of sharing my own work, I feel compelled to show you a taste of this man’s authentic talent. His work can be interpreted as rough, vigilant and yet pure. He comes out of  left field with a fierce confident abandon. Yes, he is a conservative, in an honest fierce way. He makes me remember why I love art so much. I hope you all get a chance to see his work. If you like art that excites your soul while delighting your eyes this is his life’s work. He is an unapologetic badass rebel, in my own humble opinion. Thank God for artists like him.  Written by Kathy Hatch

Top painting by Robert Wadell Cook
Acrylic Alcohol Ink and more
Instagram wadellcook
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The Leaking Sieve


Illegal immigrants are replacing negroes as the Democratic Party’s favorite pet project! They are the fastest-growing minority in the U.S. which is why these semi-communists are courting them so eagerly.  In the process of this courtship, they are giving away our birthrights without many of us putting up much of a fight. Before the election of President Donald John Trump, most prominent Democrats agreed that immigrants should follow our U.S. laws upon entering this country whether they drove, crawled, walked or ran across our borders. In recent times there has been a seismic shift in their opinion of this lawlessness as evidenced by contradictory public statements made by their elected representatives like House Speaker Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, President Barack Hussein Obama II, and President William Jefferson Clinton.

For years we heard Democrats in power extol the virtues of legally entering our country. They spoke strongly about how detrimental to our country’s economy and way of life the illegal immigration problem was.

President Bill Clinton in his 1996 State of the Union Address:

“But there are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. And tonight, I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Let me be very clear about this: We are still a nation of immigrants; we should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.”

Yeah! Back then we were a nation of laws. But were we?  On Easter Sunday 1975, my older brother was murdered by several male illegal immigrants while he had gone fishing with his wife and another couple. These men did prison time of course, and we were promised that they would all be deported, eventually. We were not informed of their release dates and we will never know if and when they were ever deported. Our family was devastated and forever changed by the loss of my brother. Particularly because he left behind a handsome baby boy who grew up without a father, my nephew. Our family was one of many families mortally affected by the leaking sieve called the Texas border. A dear friend of mine who lived down the street from me was brutally raped in her home by three illegal aliens, and yes I said aliens because they were alien to her body. That was in the ’80s.  This is not to say that all illegal crossers are violent criminals, but like Trump’s references, we are not dealing always with the cream of the crop. After all, these are not doctors, lawyers, architects, and engineers sneaking into our country.

Yes, some are families. But as ICE is finding, many of the children have DNA that does not match that of their “parents”. Unaccompanied minors come into the States at the mercy of coyotes(smugglers/traffickers). These children are trafficked. Bad things can and do happen to them en route. Some of the women and children are sold into slavery. Yeah! It’s a real thing. Some are mules carrying dangerous drugs even at their own peril. Some of the women when interviewed said that they would only travel with the caravan while having their period because as the one lady explained, she was less likely to be raped while on her period. The children had no choice in trekking across dangerous terrain to get to our country. In our country, we call this child endangerment. Liberals are more worried about whether these weary travelers can brush their teeth or not. Many of the women detained by border patrol say that they have indeed been raped. The detention centers give them pregnancy tests. They are all constantly at risk of violence. It’s proven that evil gangs like MS-13 are arriving among those seeking residence here. Rape is their signature.  This is tragic and sad. We are complicit in what is happening in that we are keeping our borders open with policies and benefits that are hard for the poor to say no to. Our bad immigration policies and negligence in protecting our borders are in fact creating a market for these crimes against humanity. They know the loopholes and they use them. They are taught what to say if they get caught. Even though the stories that we hear are horrendous and heart-wrenching, women and children only make up about one-fourth of those crossing illegally. Three fourths, as reported by the Washington Examiner, are adult men.

The left has always needed the underclass to champion so that they can feel good about themselves. Someone they can ‘take care of’ and then look down on. All the while making these newbies grow to be dependent upon the Democrats and their ultimately self-serving policies. More and more blacks are becoming aware that they have been molded and used by the Democratic Party for many years. We blacks have allowed the Democratic party to use us every four years.  Sending us back to the ghettos created by the very platforms and promises that put poor blacks and others there in the first place. Useful idiot Rev. Al Sharpton (reverend my ass) got on camera like clockwork and said, “Where’s Trump’s programs for black people?” I couldn’t believe that I heard that correctly. So I pushed rewind and it was exactly what I thought I heard. He said that! The last thing black people need in this country is another damned democratic program. Their programs are literally killing us! Their programs demolished the traditional black family. They created high incarceration, welfare dependency and cut black men off at the knees. Instead of our black men being fathers and husbands they got incarcerated at an accelerated rate. Instead of women being wives and mothers it became acceptable to kill your own child at your cleverly placed local Planned Parenthood planted in nearly every black neighborhood. Those who used to be proud black men and black women became voluntary victims of “societal” wrongs. A victimology mindset that prevails to this day. Disguised as helpful programs; they were designed to destroy real families. These programs promoted fatherless households by penalizing women who actually married their sexual partners. The government became their kids’ daddy. This is what the socialistic Democratic Party wants and wanted all along. Many unhoodwinked blacks got out of these hoods and moved on. They had to. Staying in these ghettos would have infected their minds and that of their children. Some remained there to try to repair the damage done.  My father and mother rejected any and all things government. Thank God. But many, sadly, did not have the wherewithal or circumstance to find their own way out of this systematic hell hole. When drugs became more readily available (I believe this was intentional) as always the Democrats made new laws that penalized more men and women. (I’m referring to the Clinton years that resulted in mass incarcerations) Every time a Democrat politician saw a problem amongst blacks they’d say, “We have a new program for that!” There were so many programs. Perhaps they need deprogramming from the programs. Maybe we all do to a certain degree.

But, hey! Now in our most liberal states like California, the left encourages illegal immigration by offering free healthcare, food stamps or a free loaded debit card and housing assistance. Sound familiar?  LA is a sanctuary city. Really? Housing assistance in a city riddled with homelessness? Sanctuary cities are becoming the left’s rally cry to invite illegal immigrants to their fair caca ridden cities. Sanctuary for whom though? Certainly, it will not be a sanctuary for U.S. citizens for long. Criminals get away with things there and no one is required to cooperate with ICE. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is there to make sure that the people who have broken the law and are here illegally don’t get a chance to do it again before being deported. All just to prove how liberal a city is! Awww! Sanctuary cities are a political gimmick. It’s a sham! And citizens with any common sense should be sick of it. They should know that this is not about charity and concern for their fellow man. For the Democratic Party, this is about the long game of power and control. These newly deceived recipients of the party’s deceptive benevolence  better get ready for a cycle of dependence, special programs that ultimately degrade their families and a very slow climb out of poverty that will be generational. One does not need a crystal ball to see what’s coming. Social justice is just a euphemism for governmental control over the lives of unsuspecting poor people who will most definitely be the new lower class for the liberal elite to snub at parties and award shows. At every election, Democrats will dangle carrots in front of this horse of denial that runs rampant amongst the black and the poor. Free food, free college, free housing and maybe even reparations for your suffering. They will do this as sure as ice cubes melt on hot gravel on a Texas summer day. There’s nothing new here. Except later they’ll ask their oppressed, “Who’s your daddy now?”

It’s not about race. It really never has been. Except now the liberal elitists are black, brown, yellow, and white. The plantation party doesn’t care about pigment unless they can use it for identity politics. I’m a black American who speaks Spanish because my friends taught me how. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I just see history repeating itself. 

We need to close and control our borders and stop incentivizing people to make that trip. They can use their values and talents to repair their own countries. That’s what this country had to do and blood was shed by all. The generations before us sacrificed the ultimate measure so that we may have freedom and peace.

The Statue of Liberty displays a poem on its base that is often quoted by liberals as the all-encompassing standard for entry into the United States. The sonnet chosen for the statue was called “The New Colossus” written by Emma Lazarus:

 “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your…..”

Well, you get my drift.

Earlier immigrants coming through Ellis Island came during a time that no papers were necessary to enter the country making their entrance completely legal. Those who survived the horrors of slave ships came here legally as dangerous and as horrible as it was. People who flew in with passports and visas did it by the book. Many people move to this country through the proper channels and do what is required of them to become U.S. citizens. And they are proud Americans. Native Americans never needed permission from anyone as this was all their land before all the ships, boats and planes arrived. Battles were had. Wars were fought. Strife, suffering, and deaths occurred to get this country where we are today. Our success has been unequaled by any other country on the planet in such a short amount of time historically. It was hard-earned and won by Americans. When on behalf of the Statue of Liberty, Ms. Emma Lazarus wrote that poem, it was just that, very poetic. But it was not and is not legally binding. It was not a part of the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution. It was a celebratory poem for a celebrated statue. I’m sure that if Ms. Lazarus rose from the dead today, like Lazarus in the Bible, she would quickly say, “Hey wait a minute, they’re going to get free everything?”.

Laws were made for our protection and sovereignty. Lines were drawn. America became the United States of America. We have an inalienable right to keep the United States of America sovereign and to protect our borders. No one has a right to cross our borders without our permission. 

During the nineties and until actually the campaign of President Trump,  the Clinton and Obama administrations, including the newly flip flopped former Vice President Joe Biden publically championed more control of our borders. They wanted increased security and enforcement of our laws at the border to Mexico. It seemed that these politicians really cared about American citizens and maintaining a sovereign nation.  Clinton, Obama and now Joe Biden lied! These men and (I want to say crooked) Hillary went wherever the wind blew. And boy did it blow, in the opposite direction of our newly elected present President Donald J. Trump. Most of their party went the path of the resistance; if Trump said to secure the borders these presidential types said that was racist. When large caravans began to form with the mission of coming to America at detrimental rates, Trump said: “Build the wall!” Democrats said that was racist. They have declared racist and racism on any person, place or thing that defies their agendas. What a weak argument from the weak-minded which only proves that they have the most sinister of motives!  It is tantamount to the argument used by children on a playground. I remember kids about to fight at our playground. The final words before the first punch were, “Your Mama!”. And then a fight would ensue. The Democrats are about to lose and they know it. As President Trump said, “They’ve run out of cards!” 

Hollywood actors, ever so impassioned by their own self-importance rallied behind the Democrats’ newly changed philosophy. When the detention centers at the border started to burst at the seams the left blamed Trump. Well, maybe he is to blame because he did create the best job rates that this country has seen in several decades. Our country is so much more attractive now to those seeking to take advantage of the combination of our economic growth and poor border immigration policies.  Democrats including celebrities whine and complain about the inhumanity of the conditions in centers that temporarily house our visitors. These same conditions existed before Trump ever decided to run for President. In fact, Former President Obama built the very centers they speak of so harshly. I thought he was their hero. Aren’t these detention centers a part of his great legacy? We’ll see.

Make no mistake about it. Blacks are being replaced in the liberal psyche( using mass media) and in the ballot box by illegal immigrants in order to secure future power for the Democratic Party. None of this happens by accident. They know exactly what they are doing. They might be evil but they are not totally stupid.

Painting: “The Desert” 2″x36″ by Kathy Hatch

When They Fall

As a child, we imagine our lives as adults. We see ourselves as getting married and having children. In that order. We played make-believe with dolls pretending to be mommies and daddies. Our parents read stories to us that mostly ended with…”And they all lived happily ever after!” We fell asleep comforted with the knowledge that our lives would emulate those wholesome tales. We made mud pies, ran through the water sprinklers and played in the grass, making us itch until bathtime. Those times were good and simple.

Putting aside childish things we raced to adulthood which of course would be our happily ever after. Right? Not so fast. We married and had children. The miracle of childbirth greatly affirmed for me for sure that there is a God and He sure loved me! After all, look at this beautiful child. My life forever changed four times! 

We taught these lambs everything. How to walk, talk, eat and how to love. How to behave, cover their mouths when they coughed…”Don’t hit each other!” we said often enough. Then on the first day of school, some kid hits them and another coughs all over them which sends them home with a brand new communicable disease. Little did we realize…this was the beginning of a war. Without warning, we became unsuspecting soldiers.

The world outside our door will have had more of an influence on our children than we ever did. They made friends that we didn’t select. They made mistakes and they sinned. That was par for the course in an effort to grow up. We parents understood that. We were young too once up a time. Of course, we kept taking them to church and explaining our Faith and love for Jesus in hopes that they’ll remember what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. We told them to avoid the near occasion of sin and to make good associations with friends. Did it take? Sometimes I think so or know so. Sometimes I wonder if they ever really heard a single word that I  said. And it starts to feel like a crapshoot.

When the world gets a hold of our children it is almost impossible to get them back. We send them off to school naively trusting that they’ll be taught only good things. I know that the teachers try very hard. But their burden is that they may have 30 youngsters at a time, all being raised differently and sometimes just plain badly. I’ve seen some of their classmates who must have been raised like free-range chickens with no discipline at all. We sent them off like lambs to be alongside the wolves. We did what we thought we were supposed to do. Only now we could no longer filter what got into their minds. Not only from the schools but from billboards, TV, movies,computers and even books. There are many agendas out there seeking to influence malleable minds in their formative years. There are people with agendas, groups with agendas and institutions with agendas all with varying degrees of scrupulosity. Not all intentions are kind, to say the least. Daily bits and pieces of their innocence got chipped away by this world, little by little. It feels like a dagger every time you notice this in your child, who now is in pain. When they were younger and they got hurt a simple kiss on their owie did the trick. We are still trying to protect them from pain, even pain that is self-inflicted. That is when it’s most difficult to be a parent.

In the french play “Huis Clos” by Jean-Paul Sartre, the conclusion is drawn that “Hell is other people”. That is unquestionably true when our children are exposed or expose themselves to the immorality, disease, and chaos which is prevalent in our culture today. Much like an adorable kitten becomes the large cat that won’t stay off your countertop, our tiny angels grew into rebellious instruments of torture for their parents. Oh, they are still beautiful, and they are still kind and generous. But they have definitely lost their baby smell. For us now they are adults. By their second year of college, they decided that their parents, knew absolutely nothing about life or this world that they cleverly navigate. The fact that they are self-sufficient adults now happened by a sheer accident of nature. Nothing to do with us. Although they began rolling their eyes at us when they were preteens, they do so less now because they have become so socially skilled that they don’t activate their faces with every emotion. They do salute the fact that we fed and clothed them all of those years. 

Our terrific strangers, in the spirit of their rebellion, have now decided, some but not all, that Mom and Dad’s faith and religion were just a means of making them behave as children. They don’t need God, Church or marriage. They think that their way of doing this life is superior to that of their feeble parents.  As is true in all rebellion, unsurprisingly to we the feeble ones, at some point, the shit hits the proverbial fan. Uh oh! Where’s Mom and Dad? Well, they’re at church praying for these sorry asses. We love them, that’s why we keep them in prayer. Because we already know that these new ways of doing things don’t end well. God has a plan for families that has worked for well over two thousand years.

We all make mistakes. Some are more catastrophic than others. We are still only human after all. While they were young and did something bad or wrong I would tell them to ‘ go and say sorry to whomever you hurt or offended and then apologize to God. God will forgive you and then you move on!’ That’s what we did. But wait a minute. Now they are all grown up! Their mistakes and sins now can have mortifying consequences. Mom and Dad can no longer make everything better even if asked. When we see our child in pain, we are in pain too. We can help, we can advise. We pray that our children will listen. It is true suffering that we go through watching our offspring in suffer. Sometimes the ramifications of our children’s misdeeds have eternal consequences. We labor when we see our very much loved children fall down in their lives. We feel helpless, while at the same time we know that our Faith will get us through. But, what about our child who has lost his or her Faith, or thrown it away? We wonder how they will cope without the grace of Jesus. We know assuredly that these pitfalls could have been avoided simply by sticking with the game plan laid out by God for them.

Thankfully for us, our lambs do not all make the same types of mistakes or even at the same time. They are sparse and rare. But when they do, they rally around one another and help as a team. I’ve seen it. It makes me extremely proud. I guess that happens by accident too! My guys help each other with so much love it is amazing to see. Mine are not a bunch of crazed heathens. They are fantastically good people. Of course, there will be more problems in the future. That’s the nature of the beast. Sin is and always will be a problem for everyone. Only with Jesus can we conquer sin.

With each awesome miracle of birth (4x) I became even more sure of God’s existence and His love. Jesus fell to the ground three times in agony while carrying the Cross. Mary watched as any mother would, wanting to make it better. Her immaculate heart must have felt so much pain. Mary was also at the foot of that Cross, watching our Jesus take on our sins, all of our sins! Mary knew the purpose of her Son’s suffering. I didn’t know the purpose of the suffering of my child or of my heart… Until last Sunday at Mass. The reading from the Bible was the exact same reading that enlightened me when I was in week 4 of my six-week stay in the hospital with double pneumonia. My children were very young then. My body was not responding to the antibiotics. Tubes were draining my lungs. Specialists were called in. I was dying and no one mentioned that small detail to me. A very good friend, who is also a nurse, told me later that I had survived the same type of pneumonia that killed puppeteer Jim Henson. She later told me that she had visited me that day to say goodbye.

I didn’t know or understand then why I was going through this awful sickness. This illness almost took me away from my husband and four children. They needed me. I prayed all day and every day in that hospital. When I wasn’t praying I was reading my Bible and books my husband brought to me about the saints and Church history(always fascinating). I was so blessed to receive Eucharist daily. Before that, I’d only received on Sundays so this was good! I was given my Last Rites (they don’t really call it that anymore) It is two sacraments. The Anointing of the Sick as well as Viaticum (Eucharist; food from Heaven for your journey to Heaven) Aka The Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ) One doesn’t have to be dying to receive these sacraments. Suffice it to say my situation was dire. God and I had a six-week-long conversation. It was quite necessary. I battled with the issue of Faith. What was Faith and did I have any? Was God going to take care of my children if something happened to me? Did I trust God? After reading this passage I knew that God’s answer was yes! Yes to everything! I finally surrendered to God completely! After reading this:

Hebrews, chapter 12r »

God our Father.*


Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us rid ourselves of every burden and sin that clings to us* and persevere in running the race that lies before us


while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith. For the sake of the joy that lay before him he endured the cross, despising its shame, and has taken his seat at the right of the throne of God.a


Consider how he endured such opposition from sinners, in order that you may not grow weary and lose heart.


In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.


You have also forgotten the exhortation addressed to you as sons:

“My son, do not disdain the discipline of the Lordb

or lose heart when reproved by him;


for whom the Lord loves, he disciplines;

he scourges every son he acknowledges.”


Endure your trials as “discipline”; God treats you as sons. For what “son” is there whom his father does not discipline?c


If you are without discipline, in which all have shared, you are not sons but bastards.


Besides this, we have had our earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them. Should we not [then] submit all the more to the Father of spirits and live?d


They disciplined us for a short time as seemed right to them, but he does so for our benefit, in order that we may share his holiness.


At the time, all discipline seems a cause not for joy but for pain, yet later it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who are trained by it.e


So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees.f


Make straight paths for your feet, that what is lame may not be dislocated but healed.g

God revealed to me that I was actually in training. Laying in that hospital bed with tubes connected directly to my lungs draining them of infection, I was running my race! And all the saints in Heaven were pulling for me! Such a great cloud of witnesses! My doctor told me that this was when I had a turn around in my health. God healed me.

So in hearing this last Sunday, I knew that God was telling me that once again I am in training. And my children are in training, running their races. God promised me that day in the hospital that He would take care of my children. This war has already been won! So I will not be weary! God’s got this!

Painting “The Path” by Kathy Hatch

Sex and Violence; Idolatry of the West.

Title of painting: Becoming 12″x12″
By Kat Hatch

I’m worried every time I turn on the television. ‘What now?’ I ask myself. To my horror here we go again!  Mass shootings within days of each other. The Garlic Festival in Oregon. The El Paso Walmart shooting. So far, 22 people are dead. It turns my stomach.  Death has a stench that cannot be masqued by flowery words. When it comes at the hands of another human being it is irreversibly cruel. Humanity continues to chisel away at its innocence or whatever remnant that is left of it.  Mass killings are evil, senseless, and yet organically grown out of a culture that celebrates perversion and death. The question goes from ‘Why did this happen?’ to ‘How the hell does it not happen every day?’. I next woke up to the news of Dayton, Ohio. It is happening every day.

Psychologists and researchers say that violence is hard to predict. Really? One doesn’t have to be a weatherman to notice rain clouds in the sky. Guilty of promoting violence, the media then acts shocked by the violence that occurs. Sure, they are concerned and surprised by the most recent mass shootings. As they themselves say, “If it bleeds it leads!” That means big numbers for them.  America is hemorrhaging at this point. Meanwhile, the media is busy pointing fingers and clutching pearls.

We don’t have to read some psychotic’s social media manifesto to recognize that many people are miserable within themselves and amongst themselves. Other people’s lives don’t matter, simply because the killer does not know who they are. All of humanity takes a hit when that mentality prevails.  The world is obsessed with death and violence. Its obsession has grown continually since Cain killed Abel;


Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let us go out in the field.”* When they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.c


Then the LORD asked Cain, Where is your brother Abel? He answered, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”    Genesis Ch 4. NAB

God answered by expelling Cain out of the garden. There is an answer to today’s diatribe. We can teach each other to respect all human life as sacred. We start by ending the barbaric and beneath us practice of abortion. It is evil to think that killing another human life can somehow make our lives better. (St. Mother Teresa said it better). We are here to love, cherish and preserve human life as it is a gift from God. Therefore, we hold ourselves, our brothers and neighbors accountable for the preservation of human life. Recognizing the human as made in the image of God, requires our diligent love in caring for the most vulnerable and defenseless in our society. As such the very young and the very old deserve our respect, protection and tender loving care. Each person deserves that.

School shootings and other mass killings are both symptoms and a result of the societal devaluation of human life. When we, the grown-ups, remain silent while mothers, doctors and nurses slaughter (without pain relief) the smallest among us, it stands to reason that another human being would have no feeling of empathy while shooting multiple people who are all, frankly, at different stages of development. Except for the tools used for killing people, Planned Parenthood doctors and the other mass killers have the same occupation.

What’s really going on here is idolatry. We are addicted to sex and violence. We prop them up as though they were the new god of this century. People think of idolatry as having to do with statues. It is more authentically defined as anything or anyone that we put before God Himself. We see examples of this affliction in the public arena. We have entire parades in most major cities celebrating who someone has sex with. What used to be considered pornography is seen today on mainstream TV, movies, and even commercials and billboards. The left pushes the agenda of sexual idolatry even to our children. Our children have always been the target of the left’s agenda in their quest to forever corrupt their innocence. Thereby making our whole country less genteel, less civilized.

I maintain that the sexual revolution was a hoax! It was a lie.  This movement made people believe that intercourse was a recreational right, rather than the family building, God given expression of love between a married man and his wife. Not a popular idea today. But it remains true. So why are grown women marching in Washington D.C. dressed like vaginas, wearing hats that represent female genitalia? Are they bloodthirsty murderers who think killing babies is a good thing? Or are they just women who want the right to remain promiscuous with impunity? Are they fighting for the right to remain sluts or are they united for the unlimited right to kill their own children? Maybe it’s all of that. (Men are equally responsible for this surge of promiscuity; I’m just speaking as a woman) The sexual freedom (enslavement to sin) that they crave is more important to them than the human children created through their unholy unions. This present society is narcicistic and selfish, believing that their own animalistic desires are not subject to the virtue of self control. That is how animals in the wild behave. We are humans!…..again, in the image of God! We have a higher calling than the beast of the wild. Or at least I hope so!

Simulated violence has become an entire game industry. Teenagers and adults spend hours of each day pretending to kill people in these recreational hobbies. All forms of entertainment today glorify violence and sex. Some are used as actual prototypes for mass shootings and sometimes sadly even rape. These deranged young men get to practice being cold-blooded killers in the comfort of their parents basements.  Film director Quentin Tarantino has come to the forefront as the master of gratuitous violence, Hollywood style. Left-leaning Hollywood uses gun violence to sell us movies, yet hypocritically it whines for gun control. In their media they deliver endless samples of new and inventive ways of killing people, often with guns. In any given Tarantino movie 20 or 30 people(characters) can die within 2-3 minutes. Most die without even saying ‘ouch’. As an audience, knowing that it’s make-believe, we’ve become unfazed by it. We are desensitized. As are these young male killers. If these forms of entertainment can numb our sensibilities, imagine if you will, the sensibilities of an already mentally compromised young male. 

Gun rights have been attacked in a kneejerk reaction by liberal propagandists.  On the MSM 24hr news cycle, pundits proclaim that if we made new laws about guns, the problem of killing en masse would be eliminated or curtailed. New laws are for law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow the law, that’s what makes them criminals. To root out evil, in our country at least, we must change the conversation to that of preserving and caring for all human life and its dignity. Life from conception to a natural death. You see, it has never really been about the guns. This is about our descending regard for human life.

For far too long we have allowed our culture to be led by the nose by liberals who offer nothing but a violent conclusion to any given problem. Human beings have been objectified in every corner of our culture. The dehumanization of others is the basis of every barbaric act by mankind that has occurred for well over five thousand years. If we want to fix this human condition, we must pierce hearts with the truth. Science is on our side on this one. The more we learn about the smallest of human beings and what they’re capable of, the further advanced our hearts will be to save them. Jesus humbled Himself to be such a tiny (human/divine) being. Jesus was an embryo conceived by the Holy Spirit. But He humbly took the form of a tiny human. (Phil. 2:8) Even then, King Herod ordered the killing of all male infants that were two years old or younger in Bethlehem.  It was called the Massacre of the Innocents. Today we have Planned Parenthood doing Herod’s bidding. The killing of children is as evil and barbaric today as it was during biblical times. (The Gospel of Mathew) Life is a precious gift from God and must be cherished by all at all times. In order to truly change this world for the better, each of us must show ourselves to be lovers of Life. It can be just as contagious as anything else this world has endured. Love is contagious!

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” from the United States Declaration of Independence! These are inalienable rights that have been given to all humans by our Creator. Life being foremost in our minds because without Life the other rights are useless. Respect Life, respect yourselves, respect one another. God gave us the cure. It’s up to us. Free will and all. Ya know?!


Life is not as scary for a black person as a liberal would have you believe. Not here in America. In fact it’s pretty awesome. As in any country, things can always be better. Contrary to popular belief (liberal media), there isn’t a racist around every corner. Shouldn’t we be grateful to live in such a beautiful country that is full of opportunity? More so now than ever before! Most Americans are good, kind and hardworking people. The media gives us all a bad rap, which is why I don’t generally trust it. Liberals just make it worse while kicking that almost dead horse of racism. The reason that I am a conservative is because I believe in God and He sets my standards. The reason that I am a Republican is because I believe in freedom. Freedom of thought is almost sacred to me. I am not unusual at all.

When I speak in this way in the company of others or when I talk about how at this time in history, we as a nation have so much to be thankful for, I am passionately grateful! We the people have so much to be proud of. Yet, within the time span of 5 minutes, out pops the usual liberal in the room. Ding, ding, ding, right on time! It is their mission to say, “But, remember Kathy, blacks still have unequal this or that…”. I then look at my imaginary watch and think, ‘wow, right on time’. You see, as a black woman I am not allowed, in her veiw, to think positively about our situation, life, circumstance, or our future.Her charitable pity underwhelms me. What the liberal in the room is really saying is ‘don’t forget you were a slave once!’. What she is also saying is, ‘remember your place negro’. But the liberal will usually make that interruption under the guise and tone of compassion and understanding. Because liberals are the ‘only’ ones who truly understand the plight of the black people. Right? In truth, the left, the liberals and the Democratic Party have always been the more racist of the two major sides. Only their racism is sinister and under the noticeable current. For example, they say in other words, ‘ we can’t have ID laws because those poor stupid black people won’t be able to figure out how to get an ID to vote.’ That’s really what they are saying. Or how about, ‘ let’s lower the standards for college admission so more blacks can get in!’. Yes, they really are that condescending!

Another tell-tell sign of the liberal is their presumption that because of the color of my skin, I must also be a Democrat. I could write a book about all of the very ill-humored comments that I have received from well-meaning liberals. In that book, I would give examples like after the 2016 election, a sweet lady approached me at a function and said, “Didn’t you love it when Melania Trump swiped his hand away from hers after they got off that plane? Haha!” Well, I didn’t think it was funny at all. But she enjoyed it. I am 57. I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18 and first voted. I’m happy to see black Republicans growing in number and emerging as a significant force in the 2020 and future elections. I, for one, am really excited about that!

The most exasperating mark of a liberal is when they compliment me on my speech. I’m not sure if it’s my diction or my American accent. I am an American. Am I supposed to have an accent from Africa? No, because I am fluent in English. And for the most part , I speak it correctly. Oh! I get it. I don’t speak ebonics! I’ve tried it before to fit in with a group. It sounded fake. It was fake! That just wasn’t authentically me. But, you would think that living in this country where every child is entitled to free public education for approximately 13 years, we would all speak a somewhat correct form of English. I would expect that. But it’s not happening. I was relentlessly bullied by my peers growing up for not speaking ebonics. Kid’s would ask me to ‘say something!’ and then laugh at the way that I spoke. They called me ‘Oreo’. I never got the hang of ebonics. I can live with that, now.

I am a product of public education. Yet today I see that it has become a failed social experiment. I went to a school for gifted students. One of the first. Very experimental! Today my school would be considered a charter school. I was lucky. I’m not even sure they still teach English in schools anymore. Sometimes, I really try to read posts from young people that I know. Is it even English? I feel like I’m a beginner in a Hooked on Phonics course. They don’t or won’t spell. I have to sound out the words to try to understand them. Didn’t they have to diagram sentences like I had to? What happened?

Contrary to the lefts agenda, America is not a racist country! Blacks have been successful in every area of life in this country. We are presidents, billionaires, homeowners. We are doctors, lawyers, engineers and leaders in business. We conquer sports and entertainment. One only needs to turn on CNN, ABC, CBS or Fox to see that we are well represented, even more so than the actual 13 percent of the population that we currently compose. The media, while complaining of racism ad nauseam, would have you believe that we are not doing well. They spread this perilous idea that if someone treats you badly it is because of your race or their race. Sometimes people are just jerks and that’s it! The media has proven itself to be the arms of the Democratic Party. They have a vested interest in making anything and everything about race. Until they can be sure that all the new immigrants (illegal) will vote for their party, they’ve got a death grip on black American votes. They are afraid. And they should be.

Sure, there are still poor blacks as there are still poor whites, and other ethnicities. Jesus says, “The poor you will always have with you…”(Matt 26;v.11) Not everyone will succeed. We must all care about the poor and of course we pray for the poor. But America has been blessed with abundance. The resources are there. Resourcefulness is what is lacking in some communities however. I don’t know why that is…but it is not racism. That’s what the liberal left wants you to believe. When a politician pontificates that they are going to do something about racism, one needs to run for the hills. Because there is no such program nor a new law that will change the hearts of some imbeciles. I maintain that racism is rare. The true issues are being overlooked because of the left’s obsession with ‘racism’. They should be ashamed of themselves really. Black Americans, in their misplaced loyalty, have handed over their votes to the Democratic Party since Lyndon B. Johnson was president. Yet, every major city that has been governed by the Democrats has become or will soon become a slum, a ghetto, a bad neighborhood complete with the eugenically founded Planned Parenthood. Thanks liberals!!!

One sure-fire way to spot a liberal in under 5 minutes is to say the name, Trump. Watch for that look of dread and anger overcoming their face. A grey veil of death descends upon their being. Their eyes go black and cold. I’m not certain if their heart stops beating or if it starts to beat faster. But, I know that something physiological is happening there. It’s followed by a look of deep disappointment. It’s as if I had committed a mortal sin and the bowels of Hell have opened. In their eyes, I had become something horrifying. I had become…..a misbehaving negro! As though I’d just ran off the plantation and got caught reading! To them, I’m supposed to be a Democrat no matter what I thought or believed. I was a traitor to their belief system. I became a cognitive dissedent. I was contrary to their official narrative. What was I doing thinking for myself and by myself? All of this occurs, mind you, within 5 minutes of meeting a liberal.

In today’s paradox, when we ought to celebrate our accomplishments and progress, we are bombarded with a language of victomhood. We are relentlessly being told that we are either the oppressed or the oppressor. Liberals would rather have us all wading in the dismal waters of defeatism. The liberal mass media daily in a 24 hour news cycle push their narratives in perfect synchrony. It’s as though they all get a memo from the same source so that they can all use the same words pushing the very same narrative. We must not submit nor conform to their factory like ideology. By conforming we will ensure our certain death. If not the death of the body, it will be the death of our hearts. The death of our rights. The death of American Patriotism. We have too much to lose if any of us continue to follow their lead. There is so much brilliance among us all! So much good that we still have to do. We cannot let them stifle our ingenuity. These so called journalists/propagandists are parasitic to the American dream, which rightfully belongs to all Americans. Journalism is officially dead. I have mourned. I had a little funeral in my head for journalism. It was short and sweet. I’m over it. It’s not coming back.

If you are ever in a room and you start to speak about how phenomenal it is to be an American, don’t stop. Please don’t hesitate because a liberal might be in the room. That’s what political correctness has been all about. We do not have to acquiesce to liberal tyranny. Freedom of Speech is still our inalienable right. We have, in the spirit of generosity and politeness, let liberals set the agenda as to what we can or cannot say for far too long. I’m too often told by younger people that I can’t say this or that anymore. I’m told that I have to be sensivite to liberal sensibilities in my speech. Their sensibilities change every week! That sounds exhausting to me. I am done. So, I’m going to say what I mean and mean what I say and let the chips fall where they may! “Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,” and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ (Matt 6;37) That is what I’ll do, if I spot a liberal in the room.

The painting is called ‘Still Night’ by Kathy Hatch

Art Is My My Relative

I have always loved art. I love music and song and percussion. Music helps me to retreat from the hecticness of this life. But I have been blessed by peace thru my art. Apparently, others didn’t see all of that when my art was shown. I believe that sometimes our art expresses what we are not feeling on the surface.

I was in this one exhibit. I did not post my photo because I thought it was vain. I also know what a hypercrite I am. So I listened to the patrons of the arts as they visited my room, or section. In this case it was a room, because it was a renovated architecturally authentic home from the days of old. But still parts were a replica. These kind people juried me into their gallery.

The responses were surprisingly good. Some of the reactions felt odd to me. This has happened more than once. I introduced myself as the artist. These patrons of the arts are there to sincerely look at the work that we do.

What made, and makes me sad, is that these kind people oft times mentioned to me that, “Kathy, maybe you should do more black art.” Then there was the kind smile. I’m black and I’m an artist! What’s the problem. The problem is marketibility. I didn’t get it at my first show. It took me a while to realize what these people were telling me. What is black art?

I go shopping for a bathroom rug at Ross and it hits me! I see paintings of women carrying baskets on their heads. Paintings of giraffes. A beautiful ‘painting’ of a black woman in a big hat! Oh! I see. My mountains are not ethnic enough. I now have to paint a picture of our struggle as black people. Is that the only message that I can send to the world? I like giraffes as much as the next person. But if I don’t do that, am I not IN as an artist? I am a multi-layered human being. I happen to be a black woman. I feel no responsibility to paint to the masses according to always thinking about the oppression that the news tells me I’m supposed to feel which I actually don’t. I did once try to paint about the beauty of motherhood as I had four small ones at home at that time. It was a woman holding a child. I couldn’t get this sense of dread off of her face nor from her eyes. I questioned my own motherhood. I gave it a week. So I turned her into a big red mountain with a stream around it. I loved that one. I love being a mother. The truth is…sometimes its hard.

What I love is that true freedom that comes to me through art. Even when I’m looking at an old masterpiece, I absorb the work. I feel as though I am there with every stroke of the brush and how the artist had to tilt the arm to get that angle of stroke. I am there.

This painting is called Mother Mary by Kathy Hatch

Things I Forgot to Say

The other day I was talking to a friend on the phone. She’s been having some problems. I listened. I talked a lot. I hoped that I had helped her. But when I got off the phone and was driving on my way to an appointment, I became very sad because there were so many things that I forgot to say.

She knows who Jesus is. I know this because she was there for me and my family when we were experiencing horrific episodes in our lives. They came and went, but she remained my friend through it all! She was Christ for me when I was down and sinking fast. She was Christ for me when I worried about my kids. Christ showed His love for me through her actions and her witness. I hope she knows how important she was and is in my spiritual walk and life. I am blessed beyond.

But, I forgot to tell her that. I should have told her. I should have been a better friend. I forgot to remind her of our loving and merciful God. That God is still that Mercy that we all so desperately need. I am counting on His Mercy. And He will be always loving and merciful to our now adult children. Even when they are out of our reach and we have no say, His eye is on them like the sparrow. I should remember that too!

As parents, we want to hold on to them and keep them safe from the cold brutal world that awaits them. We’ve seen it. So, we do know. They think that we had no life before they were born. Boy, oh boy we all did! And it’s none of their business.

Our children are genuinely good people, each and every one of them, to their very core. They are all different from one another and so individually awesome! God knows that. He was there helping us raise them. He was there when they were born. He was there when they first scraped their knees and cried. Again, my dear friend reminded me of these things when I thought my faith was shattered. When my heart was on the floor and I didn’t want to pick it up again. Christ sent my friend.

Whenever I feel broken, and far away from God. When the world around me is loud and meaningless, God is there in the quiet. It doesn’t even matter if I see, hear or feel His presence. He is there. I trust that He is with my children too. They do belong to Him after all. He loves them even more than I do.

It’s hard to imagine His divine love because we are just so human. So, we must continue to pray regardless of our feelings. Let us continue to pray. Pray, even when you’re angry, and especially when you’re sad. Pray during moments of doubt and always pray when you’re happy. Pray when you’re making difficult decisions. Pray unceasingly! Your words may fail you, but He hears your heart. He laughs with us. He inspires us through the Holy Spirit! He even hides in our tears.

Our adult children are all over the place. Different states and cities. My constant prayer is that one day all of my children will attend Mass with me and their father. One Easter, a few years back, I arrived at Mass a little late. By that I mean that I was actually on time. It being Easter, there were very few seats left when the church bells rang. I saw an open spot and so I went to sit down. Just then, this older gentlman signaled to me that these seats were taken as he beamed with joy. He said, “My kids…”. I nodded, knowing that he was waiting for his three kids! I was happy for him. He was smiling from ear to ear. Easter Mass began in all its glory! There were beautiful lilies all around! Everyone was in their Easter best. There were people standing in the back of the church. Easter is the biggest day of the Church year. After all He rose!!! During one hymn, I turned to look in on the nice man. He was failing at his attempt to hold back his tears. You could tell that he didn’t want people to see his emotion. But I couldn’t help but notice, because I began crying too. His seats were empty. He had his hopes up. His heart was broken and so was mine. They didn’t show up! Everything in me felt why he was crying. I felt his pain as if it were my own. I turned my head back around because I didn’t want him to know that I felt it too. I prayed for him and his kids and for me and my own kids, my friends’ kids, all of our kids! God! Sweet Jesus, I missed my kids being there with us at the Holy Mass!

When that good man returned from communion, as I was kneeling in prayer, he touched my shoulder with his trembling hand. I melted in tears. I knew God was there and He knew it all. I’m reminded that God hears all of our prayers, whether we feel heard or not. But I did feel the presence of Jesus and His love at that moment. He’s always answered my prayers. Always! Sometimes the answer was, “Not just yet”.

God’s love and His goodness are constant. He’ll always be there for our kids. Just like when our kids are not there with us at Mass, we continue to think of them in love. God thinks of us and them in love, mercifully and constantly. We can count on His mercy.

We should be more like my friend. She showed up in the name of Christ for me. I’ll never forget her kindness and counsel. We can be Christ for our friends or someone else in temporal and spiritual need. We can be Christ for our grown up children and their children. The best that we have to offer God is to be Christ for one another. Through Christ, my friend taught me that. Perhaps I’ll tell her now the things I forgot to say. Right after I pray. Thanks Be to God!

Title of painting is Dusk at the Beach by Kathy Hatch

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