Almost Like He Planned It

There is more than meets the eye with Joe Biden. Many give him a pass because of what is perceived to be early-onset dementia. But not so fast! He gave us many clues as to what his impending administration’s plans were. We ( those of us with any sense) brushed off most of his clues because he was “just being Joe”. Here I’ll tell you what I think is going on and I would like to hear from you too. So please comment or follow me on Facebook or Twitter until I’m in facebook jail again. Please share like and subscribe!

On Our Own

The US government has forsaken its citizens under the maniacal leadership of the Democrat party. Joe Biden wasn’t lying when he said we are doomed. He is one of the architects of our demise They are allowing anyone from any country to come in for whatever nefarious reason. We are on our own!
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  3. A Candid Conversation With Roger Chan
  4. Nancy Doesn't Know
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Talking Right With Ken White

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The artistry of the podcast is something that I’m working on feverishly. Sometimes I feel as though I’m swimming upstream in a chaotic atmosphere of cosmic dissonance. Where will there ever be balance or even real justice? I turn on the media, any of it, for five minutes and it appears that satan has won this world. (And no…I will not capitalize his name) Creating a podcast to share my views on what I see occurring can have a dizzying effect. Could it also have something to do with my paint fumes? I’m perplexed!

I love doing it all though! Writing, painting, and podcasting are the instruments of creativity that are always surprising me by the malleability and complexity of their mediums. All are extremely satisfying forms of communicating that which was given to me by God for whatever is His purpose. I will never again question his decision. Big mistake! (To be written about in a future blog) I almost feel guilty that I get so much joy out of expressing my impressions of the world around us. I feel guilt because Jesus suffered so much for my soul. Yet I only really suffer when I cease to create. Someday with grace, God will explain this to me. Or perhaps I’ll just know when I encounter my Creator if I am so blessed. This is one of life’s great mysteries!

Today’s special guest is Ken White. He is the producer and host of The Southside Unicorn Show. I’ve listened to this fantastic podcast for over a year now and I’m always pleased to have heard his take on this passing world. We all can see that the world has gone mad. Somehow, by the grace of God, discussing these things honestly can take the edge off. We become less controlled by our circumstances when we acknowledge the problems head-on. Let us name these problems so that we can properly exorcise them from the collective soul of America.

It is ironic that our somehow-got-elected president kept saying that he was “fighting for the soul” of America during his lackluster campaign. Fast forward to now we are in dire need of an exorcism! God help us ALL! Enjoy my talk with conservative commentator and podcaster Ken White!

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An American Conversation With Columnist Bill Robinson

Bill Robinson is a columnist for Newsmax and has worked with most of the major media companies, At one point he was the lone conservative columnist at the Huffington Post. His experiences there and everywhere else are quite intriguing, to say the least. There is an expected inherent battle when a conservative writer has to conduct himself and produce within a decidedly progressive-dominated industry. It is a battle of wills fraught with skirmishes where genuine intellectual honesty butts its head with the ugly head of what is obviously the status quo. When one is a Christian as is Bill Robinson, intellectual honesty wins! That is where comes in. Here the American conversation continues as it must. The battle between good and evil continues as it always has and always will. We will discuss that.  Literary soldier and columnist Bill Robinson discusses the larger perspective examining the war of wills within journalism today. Good versus Evil. Right versus wrong.  Right versus Left. He’s got the details. He was there! He is with us today. Let’s welcome Bill Robinson!

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Afghanistan Biden’s Catastrophe

Tim Enlow is an America treasure! He has served this country as a soldier, police officer and as a security specialist at our southern border. They don’t get any better that him. Watch and or listen. We have a country to save!

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Mass murderer Andrew Cuomo finally resigns! Thank God! Too bad they didn’t get him for killing over 12,000 senior citizans and then lying about the numbers to avoid being deemed just plain evil.


They think that they’ve got us. They want us to believe that we are in the 4th quarter. They are wrong. Their programming didnt work. Their lies have dulled the blade of the knife they have stabbed our ancestor’s with. I don’t even care about the grammar. (wink) But as we watch the MSM eat themselves alive they have but 15 minutes left historically.\

Be the Americans your ancestors counted on!

Awake Not “Woke”!

By Kathy Hatch

Not every woman aspires to be a mother. But I did. My babydoll game while growing up was one that I, as a five-year-old took very seriously. It is no accident that little girls love to play with baby dolls. I think that instinctually we want to be well prepared to care for our young. I loved practicing motherhood as a child. It was so simple and sweet back then. As a five-year-old, babydoll mommying is completely devoid of worry and doubt. As a little girl, you never think that you are diapering or dressing your baby doll incorrectly. You just believe that you are a perfect mom and that your baby doll is just as perfect as you are.

Make-believe was so much fun!

I watched as my granddaughter gently and lovingly took care of her baby doll much like I remember myself as a child. With confidence, she wrapped her ‘baby’ in a towel and swaddled her for ‘comfort’. She does this with all the love and confidence of a very good mom! She was so happy she smiled the entire time. She picked up her ‘baby’ so delicately in her arms and told me, “Baby is sleeping”. She then walked away to lay her doll down while singing to her a lullaby for the slumber. Completely satisfied she turned, walked away with a look on her face as if to say, ‘job well done!’ I then said to her “Job well done”. She was in her very own world. A simple uncomplicated world. Where good is really good! And bad is kept at bay. At that moment she was immune to the anxieties of the life she’ll eventually come to know as real motherhood.  The satisfaction of being a good mom put a twinkle in her eye and a satisfied pep to her tiny step. She turned up her fresh button nose in a way that only confident mothers can do.  She must think of herself much as her grandma(me) did at her age. ‘I’m a good mommy!’, ‘It’s so easy! Piece of cake!’ I fondly remember thinking that to myself as a little mom-to-be. I wished that I had a rope so that  I could have lassoed that moment for her. To keep it, save it, hold on to that moment for later use! She’ll need it someday. I promise she will. All mothers do.

When I grew up, married, and gave birth to my first child I was filled with anxiety! What would I do? Was I ready? Will I be a good mom? Can I keep a child alive for at least 18 years! After all, all of my indoor plants have always died! Every one of them.  The world had jaded this woman’s thoughts about her abilities in the motherhood department. But I had no choice but to forge ahead. I got it done to the best of my ability. I will never forget the angst, self-doubt, and trepidations that I experienced daily. That too is natural and normal. Every mother that I know understands that now. I developed a new and more profound respect for my own mom. I probably should have been bowing to my mom all along and throwing flower petals at her feet. There were five of us growing up. It is a wonder that she didn’t develop a nervous twitch. Amazing really! My mom was a domestic saint! I think I’ll make her birthday a feast day in my home from now on. St. Betty! God bless my mom! RIP Mom!

I’m much older now with grandchildren. They are giving me a run for my money. There’s obviously a reason that God grants us, children when we are young enough to chase them and keep them safe. My aching knees and back remind me of that reason. My grandchildren are remarkable human beings in their own right. I treasure keeping an eye on their development and interests. The work of grandma-ing is minuscule compared to actual motherhood though! My worries are much different now. I think about the world that they are growing up IN and not so much the globe they are growing up ON. I didn’t have too much time to think about these greater things when mine were so young. You see, my children outnumbered my husband and me. Four of them and two of us.

But even back in the day when they were all so very little, I began developing a perineal view of something not so right going on around me in the world and society. In time, that morphed into a distaste for the new public discourse about the raising of small children. It appeared that many young people were then and are now treating the raising, nurturing, and development of their children as though it were some kind of social, albeit scientific, experiment! I began to see many trends that I did not like. Maniacal trends like allowing one’s child to pick his or her gender! I didn’t allow my children to pick what was for dinner!  Hell! I didn’t allow them to pick their nose either! I chose what was best for them. I also chose what was and wasn’t acceptable behavior.  I was the adult and they were…well, CHILDREN! The very idea is absurd! Mad scientist-themed absurdity at best! Since when was it ever considered a good idea to raise a child as some sort of experiment? Experiments can have explosive consequences. This experiment does not end well. One cannot undo one’s childhood good or bad. It is one thing for a child to play make-believe, but it is a majorly different thing to indulge them in their imaginations with chemical drugs. Sometimes irreversible surgical mutilation. The damages will be irreparable I assure you. These poor children of celebrities, who think it’s cool to entertain their childrens’ fantasies, will pay a heavy price for their parents’ “wokeness”.

Young mothers today have my sympathy but not my pity. Most have been enculturated into a liberal mindset without even knowing it. (Liberal teaching en masse) They are in effect wading in the waters of the fabled slow boiling frog. The frog knows that the atmosphere is somewhat problematic. But it’s just so darn comfortable!  The warm water is easy on those tired muscles. Some moms today are doing what is easy on the muscles including their mental and spiritual ones. They have succumbed to the evil trends of today’s ever-changing moral whims. Eventually, the pot will begin to boil but by then the damage to their children will have already been done. Too late then to jump out of that pot of soul-sucking hot boiling water. Acquiescing to the prevailing yet decaying culture was not the only option. It was however the convenient one. One that would solidify their wokeness to their peers. We don’t run in the same circles.

Some moms today do buck the trends of today’s crazy norms. They’d rather be awake than “woke”. They can see that the pot is hot and it just might get hotter (soon) and so they step back… and think! (What a novel idea) They look at the history of the dreaded water-filled pot.  These moms read, research, examine and sometimes write about the boiling pot and how it affects their children. They try to warn others. Those with ears to hear listen. 

My heart goes out to all mothers but particularly those strong, thinking mothers. When you meet them you soon realize that they are a formidable force. They are a mighty breed with a biblical creed. These moms come at motherhood with power and intention. Enough to lift automobiles and move mountains. They come with faith.  Strengthened by God Himself in their daily grind of being the best wife and the best mother they can be. Today’s special guest is one such woman. Lissette Carter is an author, real estate investment consultant, and host of  The Rookie AmeRican Podcast show. KathysRight is proud to welcome Lissette Carter! 

Lissette Carter is a 2X Author, Public Speaker, Host of Rookie AmeRican Podcast on *Itunes *Spotify.

Yep!! We talk about it!

God bless all of you! And God bless America! My heart goes out to all mothers but particularly those strong, thinking mothers. When you meet them you soon realize that they are a formidable force. They are a mighty breed with a biblical creed. These moms come at motherhood with power and intention. Enough to lift automobiles and move mountains. They come with faith. Lissette Carter is a 2X published author, real estate investment consultant, and host of  The Rookie AmeRican Podcast show. KathysRight is proud to welcome Lissette Carter! 

Joy of God With Felicity

In matters of faith, it is difficult to conceive of bitterness or any form of unkindness being involved. Yet that is a reality that I face regularly as a Catholic Conservative. I wish that I could say that it was rare that a person would let it slip that they thought that my Church was the whore of Babylon or even the Anti-Christ! It is heartbreaking to see and hear. I would write a thesis or perhaps I will one day about the Truth of the Catholic faith but I must keep this short so suffice it to say that I embrace all Christians and yes all Jews as my brothers and sisters because the Bible tells me that this is so. Sometimes my embrace is met with cold wilted arms. My aim is to walk in the love of Jesus Christ and treat them as Jesus would; as my spiritual brothers and sisters. I will continue to walk that walk all the days of my life no matter how many wilted arms I’ll encounter. God’s love is sufficient and he has equipped my heart to persevere in love despite the heartache.

In a very similar vein, being a black, conservative, female Republican has been a road riddled with unexpected turns. For most of my life, I have felt like a unicorn politically. Unusual, uncommon, and unique were words I would even use to describe myself. Well, I did live in California for 26 years where I quickly learned that most of my opinions were not popular there. Occasionally I would get excited just to meet other Republicans or conservatives. And boy did we cling to each other like we were holding on to rafters afloat in a sea of lunacy. We became more plentiful but it didn’t matter. We were outnumbered. We conservatives all knew that it was verboten to speak publicly about our views on politics in mixed company. We didn’t want to start any fights. We just wanted to have a nice day. That was then and there. This is now and here.

When I moved back home to Texas I felt that I could come alive again. No more fake conversations about fake anything anymore. For me Texas meant freedom. It’s where I was raised and God I am so thankful for it. I probably could have been “free” in California but I had children to bring up. Besides, raising a family and keeping a home left me too spent to want to have it out with leftists who I already knew were wrong about pretty much everything! 

I then started a blog and later a podcast called! It was an organic expression of my renewed freedom of thought and expression. I began painting again…writing again…loving myself again. I started playing my guitar again and even bought a new one. A black guitar…to match my black Chevy Camaro!

Even though I had promised myself to be not as involved in my new church as I had been back in California it

was very difficult to quiet the whisper of God when there was a need. Lord knows I tried. I served in five ministries at my last church which was wonderful to do but it was very time-consuming. This time I was going to sit it out as the 80%ers do. In almost every church 20% of the people do 80% of the labor and visa versa.  But I could not fight God’s pull. Whatever gifts God gives we must use them for His glory and for His service. I would not say no to His call, not ever. So much for my plan to sit it all out! Once again I am enjoying serving my Lord through the Church. I now believe I was meant to serve in ministry. Thank God I didn’t shut that door. It is better to have an open heart than an open mind.

If it seems that I’m jumping around like a leapfrog I am, but not really. I’m finally at a time in my life that I am able to see my passion for what it is. It is a gift from God. God the Great Creator made me a creative! I no longer fear or fight this inclination. It’s as if I was slapping His hand away while He was giving me His to hold. I’m deeply ashamed of that. I acknowledge that I do have a profound passion for Christ. I do have a joyful passion for art, words, The Word, and my Catholic Faith! I also truly love my family and my country.

I noticed that within the last 5 years I’d lost a few friends and I gained a few too! You see, now that I have accepted my spirit of freedom that comes from Christ I’m compelled to be freely honest in all relationships. The anatomy of my friendships completely pivoted to more of a reality-based dynamic. Leftists couldn’t stomach my punches of truth in discussions about our country. They either left my happy butt walking away in a tiff or they just fell by the wayside. My conservative friends stuck by me and supported my work. My conservative friends are the most loyal people I know. We share the same values and we admire the good characters of each other. 

Conservatives in general are happy to see one another get ahead and do well! Their premise is not jealousy but mutual respect and admiration. In fact, a conservative will more than likely help you if you need it in order for you to succeed. A conservative knows that it takes nothing away from their own success to see to it that another person succeeds as well! (Unlike the Democrats which base their policies on jealousies! “The top 1% must pay.” And socialism.)

After starting my blog and putting it all out there for the world to see, I wondered if anyone would ever speak to me again. Not that it was important because I already have all the friends I need. They are gold to me! But of all the new friends that I have made through doing my blog, one stands above the rest. Her name is Felicity Joy! Dr. Felicity Joy. What a wonderful surprise from God! I had no idea what I was doing in starting a podcast. I asked her if she would show me how it works.  She smiled and said, “Of course I’ll help you!” This was awesome to me. I thought of her kindness and patience! She is a Christ-centered woman who is as passionate as I am about God’s gifts if not more so! I’m happy to call Felicity my FRIEND!  It is a blessing indeed when a new friend is made who truly wants what is best for her friends and family and that includes me!

You can easily listen or…!

So honored to have my friend Dr. Felicity Joy on!

When Charity Hurts

I love my Catholic Church and my Catholic Faith. These are the cornerstones of my life. I was hesitant to do this podcast because I did not want to be the one who openly criticizes the practices of the beloved home of my belief. I am Catholic. That is not just what I am that is who I am to my very core. I started serving God in several ministries of my Church in 1997 as I still do. I will continue serving in whatever capacity that God calls me to for as long as I am alive and perhaps God willing beyond that time. I pray that I am convicted of being a follower of Christ within the tenets and doctrines of Holy Mother Church when I meet my maker on Judgment Day.

That said, I must also say that in my training both biblically and spiritually as a Catholic Christian I am compelled to be honest and forthright when I see and learn of incompatible issues and practices within the Faith that defies reason and are inherently short-sighted. After all, all of us have suffered from the many scandals in the Church, particularly the child victims of sexual abuse. The entirety of mankind was forever scarred by that embarrassing stain on the Church. Many people lost their Faith! Those times made many question the validity of Catholic Truth which by the way, has not changed regardless of the very few Judas’ that acted within her fold. Catholics still live with the shame of that time. We learned to tell the truth to ourselves about ourselves so we could allow God to correct us as a Church. We changed how we did things to keep us all honest. The Holy Spirit has not left the Church and it never will. We still cling to the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love! So let us look at the Truth by way of these virtues.

1825 Christ died out of love for us, while we were still “enemies.”100 The Lord asks us to love as he does, even our enemies, to make ourselves the neighbor of those farthest away, and to love children and the poor as Christ himself.101

The Apostle Paul has given an incomparable depiction of charity: “charity is patient and kind, charity is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Charity does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Charity bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”102

1826 “If I . . . have not charity,” says the Apostle, “I am nothing.” Whatever my privilege, service, or even virtue, “if I . . . have not charity, I gain nothing.”103 Charity is superior to all the virtues. It is the first of the theological virtues: “So faith, hope, charity abide, these three. But the greatest of these is charity.”104

~The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

Charity, therefore, is the virtue of Love!

What is true love though if we must dance with the devil to achieve it? Can true charity co-mingle with an evil agenda and plan? Is it possible? Is it permissible to have a coordinated interchange with the very people who are marketing human beings as chattel? There has got to be a better way, a more loving way to be charitable to the refugee than having to cooperate with criminals and a depraved government-sanctioned invasion of the United States of America. When the guise of charity has become a wheel in the mechanism of human smuggling and trafficking is it still charity? Or it, God help us all, misplaced help with the intention of being charitable? I beg of our Catholic Bishops in America and the Church as a whole to find the smarter way to love without sacrificing the good faith of the very people who entrust the Church to honor their personhood and indeed their souls. Love does not lead people to slaughter. The Bishops of Texas and indeed all of the border states each need to make a personal visit to the eye of this tornado and ask the tough questions like,” Where are these children going now?” And they must demand to know and hold these facilities accountable. That would be true Love.  

There is so much hard evidence of human smuggling /trafficking at our Southern border that it is staggeringly obvious! At this point, trafficking is at the largest scale in magnitude that has ever been witnessed before in the world. The U.S. is the largest consumer of trafficking. It is not a theory; it is a somber fact! Smugglers no longer fear arrests by the border patrol agents because the agents have been told by the higher-ups (the Biden Administration) not to arrest them. We are witnessing a well-oiled machine coordinated to admit as many men, women, and particularly children into the interior of the United States of America as possible. And as fast as possible! Where many if not most of these illegal immigrants particularly the children will be exploited at best and sold at the very worst. Some of the women and children do not survive the arduous journey. Many refugees have succumbed to the elements of the wilderness and the desert. Many are abandoned raped and killed by the very smugglers(criminals) they trusted to get them to the U.S. Their decomposed bodies can be found along the many routes taken by the coyotes.

One-third of the children that are captured and placed into U.S.-run facilities show signs of sexual abuse. Right now the number of sexually abused is in the tens of thousands. But at the present rate of entry not including the “got aways” the number of sexually abused children entering this country will number in the millions. That is child sex trafficking en masse! Where these abuses happened are varied. They most likely occurred during their journey to this country. Some have been molested in facilities here in Texas. They are investigating a series of rapes at a holding facility in San Antonio.

My returning guest today is Timothy Enlow, a security specialist, who works at the border providing protection for others also investigating the dramatic increase in border crossings since Biden has taken office. What he has seen is shocking and unnerving. Listen or watch as he shares about the methodically coordinated effort of the U.S. government, the cartels, MS-13, and unfortunately Catholic Charities to quickly process illegal immigrants into this country. To this, I must pose a question. When it is painfully obvious that human smugglers/ traffickers have a system in place with the blessing of the U.S. government to race, vulnerable women and children, across that border at great risk of being indecently exploited, is it morally right to be a part of that system? That machinery used for slavery or at a minimum indentured servitude? Even if you are feeding those on this journey, knowing what we certainly now know, is this charity? It’s like working on a slave ship and saying “Well I was in charge of the food!”. Is this love? I’m not so certain that it is!

Biden put us all in this position. We’ve had problems at the border for generations. It only improved there when President Donald Trump changed the rules of engagement between the Border Patrol and the smugglers. Activity there definitely slowed down for that short while. As a result, there were fewer women and children getting raped and murdered. Biden then gave an open invitation to the world to come here to the U.S. “You should come!” Biden said! That was a  green start flag to the criminals who would abuse this invite as a race to the border dragging along with them unaccompanied minors. All claiming to be families. They don’t check DNA anymore under Biden only for Covid. And they all coordinate still to pass them through like cattle for slaughter. They are all working together. Biden, the cartels, MS-13, and unfortunately Catholic Charities. I’m praying for my Church! May God have mercy on our souls!

Tim Enlow on

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