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Knights In Shining Armor

I frank and honest conversation that Americans need to have about matters of faith and politics and where the two collide. My guest and friend Micheal Gray who is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a CPA and public speaker. He is a man of faith and conservative. His insight is thought provoking and sincere. I appreciate that he took some time to talk with me on my show. America! Let’s have a conversation.

Learn his lesson so that our children won’t have to!

My Conversation With Our Mayor Ed Tidwell

It is nice to know that there are leaders who really care about the people of their constiuencey. Ed Tidwell is one such man. God bless him for all that he does for my fair city of Lago Vista, Texas!

Too Polite

The problem with us is this….We are too damn polite! The left has run roughshod over us in society and in life. We have allowed this to happen. We are the silent majority. While the vulgarity of the left has usurped the conservative perogative, our silence has given birth to this present day perilous existence. Our major blue cities have become suicidal. But not without the help of wealthy globalists who cannot stand what was a booming economy and peaceful existence in the United States of America.

Bye Felicia!

I used to be a fan of a certain conservative speaker. He was a provocateur. Until today. When refering to his guests he described her as “authentically black”. I wondered what he meant. It soon became clear to me that even though he is a self described conservative speaker, he remains auspiciously liberal in his mindset. Who, after all, is he to discern if anyone is “authentically black”?

Cafeteria Catholics

Republicans have their RINO’s and Catholics have Cafeteria Catholics. At this point in American history, we can obviously see and hear the difference.
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