The Charade

If this is progress, why does is feel like we are on a hamster’s wheel? I watched the impeachment inquiry on television in its entirety. The players are the usual bunch except for the young congresswoman name Elise Stefanik. She was that extra pistol you keep in your sock at your ankle cocked and loaded just in case.  Were it not for her the Schiff Show would have been just several hours of my life that I’ll never get back. She did something that few Republicans do nowadays and that is she gave me hope. It’s a welcome relief to know that not all millenials drank the grape socialism flavored KoolAide. She stood tall and spoke with an unexpected authority in a room just chock-full of Schiffdomness. And I’m quite sure the she had to scrape the Schiff off the bottom of her shoes as she left that auspicious room that once belonged to the American people. She is of that ilk that’ll reclaims that room one day on behalf of a grateful nation. If Stefanik had been a Democrat, the feminazis would have had Schiff for lunch because of his maltreatment of her. He was as cold as ice as he repeatedly pounded that gavel meant to just shut her up more than five times.

This was a charade of a legal proceeding. This was not a legitimate course of action by the Democrats. Even they had to have been able to see that. The shame of it is that the Democrats were not the least bit embarrassed by this so called inquiry. They should have been sharp enough to know that putting a consummated liar like Schiff in charge of this attempted coup of our President would leave them looking exactly like the charlatans that they are. Is this the best that they have to offer in Schiff or even the candidates running for the office in 2020? If it is then everyone should be crying into their pillows tonight. Pelosi is vagrantly absent by design. If Schiff fails or falls on his face she’ll be poised in position as Speaker of the House to publicly say that she at least let him try. She will throw him under the bus when it is most advantageous to her and her reputation. Nancy knows that Schiff is gowing down after being caught in lie after lie. Nancy is nothing if she’s not patient.

If this impeachment makes it to the Senate, we’ve already been told, it will be dead on arrival. But hold on. Not so fast. The older and wiser Senate might have a few questions of their own. They too will be able to call witnesses if they so desire. They could call upon anyone that Congress missed: the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, Fusion GPS etc..any one. Or they could just vote this nonsense away. They too have options.

Where do we go from here? More smoke and mirrors from Democrats in perpetual search of a crime? Do we continue to tolerate abuse from the left? That is what we conservatives have been doing for a hundred years. We’ve allowed the left to dumb down our language, our children and our morals. All of this was done because we have been so damn polite! They throw a riot and we ask ‘where were our police?’. They pour unknown liquids on the heads of our police officers humiliating them on camera for all the world to see. My heart broke when I saw that. Conservatives have been chased out of restaurants because of the crime of supporting or working for our duly elected President. A conservative judge is shouted at and chased out of the television studio by a former comedian (Whoopi) who now is the bastion of truth, according to the left. How are they getting away with destroying public property because they are overwhelmed that a conservative guest will speak on a university campus? The left gets away with all types of uncivilized behavior because of us. Because we have too much dignity to return fire with any elevated stance of defense. 

Are we becoming what we hate? Are we cowards? The opposite of right isn’t the left. The opposite of right is wrong. We have to stand up to them. They are bullying us; dependant on their knowledge that we will behave in a certain civilized way. Are we not intelligent enough to fight back? We do know how to plan and then  thoughtfully get things done. That is our way. We must be four steps ahead of the enemy and we know who they are. We don’t do anything half cocked. We will not become like the beast, but we will outwit the beast. The Democrats have to not see us coming in order for us to be effective. We are capable of changing the course of this ship and inately we already know how to do it. That intuitiveness comes from God Himself. The difference between those of us on the right and the others is that we are fighting out of love for this country. We are fighting out of love for our neighbors. I love watching Trump rallies. The audience (that’s us) is excited and happy. Full of hope and purpose. Conservatives are for something positive and good. Like…Life, God, America and Freedom. Individual freedom is our commonality. 

Unfortunately,the young naively believe that by giving more of our rights away there will come a day of global peace. They mistakingly believe in a utopia where no one has to be responsible because the government can and will fix any and all social problems. That’s what they’ve been taught. They do not yet realize that the socialism taught to them is a form of bondage. The young and naive are the chosen weapons used by the left to gain control and therefore power. They have used our children as their pawns. We can begin there and on our own. They say that ‘hate is learned’, well ‘love’ is learned too! Let us reclaim our children. We must all be teachers!  We have experience on our side and a knowledge of history (i.e. lessons learned). And because we love our children and grandchildren we will have to re-educate the masses. We must use whatever gifts and talents we have to further the cause of goodness and virtue. We, the silent majority, must remain silent no more. Let us be vocal and strong and make our ancestors proud of who they left in charge. We are clever enough to find long-lasting ways of reversing the damage done by the left. We will redefine “progress” for them. The American Spirit will prevail and the tide will turn because fighting back is our only option. 

But for now when you are in the company of a lefty, try to resist the urge to hit them over the head with a shovel.  Instead say a little prayer for them and wish them well. Let’s do our best to be a peaceful people. If that doesn’t work take comfort in the fact that we still have the most guns. We are also a 2nd Amendment people.

Painting by Kathy Hatch “Scottish Fold”

Home Of The Brave

American Veterans have given their all, risked their all to keep the people of the United States of America safe and sovereign. Going all the back to before the American Revolution our forefathers fought the good fight and gave their all so that we today can enjoy the bountiful fruits of their sacrifices. Even when we fought one another on our own sacred ground the fruits have brought forth the greatest and most free nation that ever existed on earth. 

When we were children we enjoyed playing outside with our friends and neighbors. We had no concept of politics or whose side to be on. We were young and innocent and we gladly built forts made out of lawn chairs and anything that our parents discarded. We had make-believe guns and shot each other whimsically. We became top-notch thespians as we fell to the ground giving our rendition of the very real wars that preceded us. We loved to play cowboys and Indians! We would choose up sides as to who was who. We sometimes even pretended to paint our faces to emulated what we thought a respectable Indian would look like. In our fantasy world, there were no good guys nor bad guys only really neat characters we wanted to be like.

I grew up in Texas where we had Rodeo Day where every kid in school got to dress up like a real cowboy.  I lived in the city of Houston before it became H town. I loved Rodeo Day! My mother always figured out some kind of costume for me to wear to school. There was no political correctness to be bothered with. If a child showed up at school as a well-painted Indian they only the best kind of attention from teachers and students alike. We were applauded for our originality and creativity!

Even as children we knew from television that even though the “Indians” and cowboys fought each other they were sometimes friends. 

Now we have all grown up a learned a little bit about history. We’ve learned of the many atrocities that occurred during those many battles. It became sad to us all. But when I put a little more thought into our American past. I think that I was more correct as a child thinking that the cowboys and Indians all played equal parts in bringing this nation to the freedoms we now take for granted. The Civil War became necessary to further advance the consciousness of America. We were divided by thought, we were divided by industry and we were divided by freedoms. We are now the United States of America. All of those soldiers fought, thousands upon thousands died. They all sacrificed with honor. As did our Native Americans. It matters not at this point what side your ancestors were on  200, 100 or even 50 years ago. We all live in this great country together. The children on my block had it right all along. 

Come Sunday morning when I was a child all of the kids that lived on my street got dressed up. We put on our nicest clothes our whitest socks and we girls got to wear pretty white gloves. We jumped in the families’ cars with our parents and went to our perspective churches and we prayed as our mommas taught us. We girls fiddled with our dresses and tiny purses and we felt all grown up going to Church on Sundays. On Sundays, we dressed up because we were taught to respect the house of God and to love our neighbors. We got to do all of that because of all the American soldiers both living and dead. I for one will forever appreciate their sacrifices. In my own family, I thank you for everything: My dad ARMY, My grandfather ARMY, a host of uncles MARINES and my son Daniel Hatch Airman the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE. God bless all veterans today! And God Bless the USA!!!

Painting by Kathy Hatch oil 14 x 18 Untitled.

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