The Traditionalists with Laura Brockway

Traditionalists within the bosom of the Catholic Church have been dealt a blow from our current Pope in his latest Motu Proprio letter to the Church. With the stroke of a pen, harsh restrictions and limitations have been pressed upon the Tridentine Eucharistic celebrations of the Mass. I attend the Novus Ordo Mass which is the form of Mass promulgated since the 21rst ecumenical council of the Catholic Church (1962-1965). It’s newer, more modern, and is celebrated in the vernacular. (Local language) My heart, however, is breaking for my brothers, sisters, and fathers who have found a home in the traditionalist community who worship our Lord in theTraditional Latin Mass.
  1. The Traditionalists with Laura Brockway
  2. A Candid Conversation With Roger Chan
  3. Nancy Doesn't Know
  4. Kamala's Roots
  5. Communism Not

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I am an artist in all that I do. These include writing, painting, public speaking, and encouraging the best in others. Life is art! God is The Great Artist. We are just cheap imitations that didn't come cheaply. For He paid the ultimate price of all on the Cross. I'm political. I'm Catholic and I love my country. Politics and Religion should have always been talked about. Thinking back I was always told that these were taboo subjects of conversation. We were wrong. We should have learned how to talk about all of it in a civilized manner. And because we did not, the world around us is yelling and screaming like banshees about politics and religion. So, I have decided to no longer remain quiet nor politically correct. I choose to use my words to fight for my beloved United States of America. Join me!

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  1. Thanks and this was great. I loved that u said both sides were working for our country.

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    1. Thank you, Lee! I’m working on getting this to be a much smoother operation. So that once it’s all set up is will be more automatic in function. It’s getting easier each day as I learn about computer age communications. I greatly appreciate your love and support since the beginning of this new chapter of my life. Life is better with awesome friends like you!


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