Be Abolitionists!

Democrats masquerade as people who care about people. They are turning a blind eye to the human trafficking that has seen a surge at our borders. They were always the party of slavery and they still are. While hanging their hats on socialism and trying to make it seem palatable to the American psyche their patriarch Joe Biden and his evil sidekick Kamala Harris have turned their backs to the actual slave trade that is going on at our Southern Border. While they mandate masks in a moderately successful attempt to control the American mind, they (Biden/Harris) have opened the floodgates of hell onto the American people. The floodgates at this time actually have a geographical location. It is the Southern Border of the United States of America.

As tax payers we are being forced into contributing to and participating in a slave trade larger than the world has ever known. The human smuggling and trafficking has now surpassed the drug trade worldwide. I join people who care in this world and this nation.

There is indeed a crisis at our Southern Border. Apparently, Kamala Harris needs a GPS. She can’t seem to find her way there since Joe made it her job. The Biden administration has created an open market for human trafficking and smuggling across the southern border of the United States of America. The cartel is in league with them. Sadly Catholic Charities is a part of this well-oiled machine of human trafficking and smuggling at our border and I am beyond depressed. While I will never give up my faith, I am disgusted that people in my faith are participating in human smuggling and maybe beyond. While I will never give up my country, I am made ill by the knowledge that my government participates in the enslavement of human persons.

I thought this new administration was going to work on reparations for the descendants of slaves in America. At least that is what Kamala said. It’s illogical and stupid, but I’ll go on.  So, while she works on getting the administration to do a study on reparations for the descendants of slaves from 200 years ago, her administration is cohesively working with the cartel of Central and South America to bring in and exploit people of color who will at the very least become indentured servants to criminals. At the very worst there is sex slavery and death for these human beings. And no one will even notice.

Of course, MSM turns a blind eye! They were partners with the devil, the cartel, and all the dark money in getting this administration elected. We cannot expect an apology. This is exactly what they wanted. The sick and depraved have created a market for themselves at our southern border. The marketing of human beings. Slavery is alive and well now in the United States of America! We need to be abolitionists again Republicans and all conservatives! Americans, be abolitionists again! NOW!

Every time I want to type in the numbers it keeps growing at a staggering rate! I can’t even keep up with the numbers of illegal immigrants smuggled and trafficked into my beloved country. Our tax dollars are paying for this. We need to do something! We need to say something. This is happening on our watch. Wake up America!

“My Confessions” 36″ X 48″ by Kathy Hatch
I guess you can tell I’m into deciduous trees!

They’re Back!

Will we ever rid ourselves of looters and rioters. At this point they totally lack message or meaning. It’s just violence for the sake of chaos. Americans are officially tired of this nonsense. Nothing gets better because of it. The only people who have profited from this are the leaders of Black Lives Matter who are now purchasing mansions in 99% white neighborhoods. Nothing says power to the people quite like buying mansions in a neighborhood full of people you claim hate you. What a scam!


The Economics of It All

Sometimes it takes and outsider looking in to describe and explain things more objectively. Especially when I’m talking to an international economical expert. Things that I have never considered before actually had a huge impact on my life and the lives of all Americans. Munyumba Mutwale is from Zambia, Africa. Although he has had a privilged life he has come to have a world view that offers insight into American politics. This is the first of two interviews. I think you’ll see and hear what I mean.



My Confessions

“My Confessions” by Kathy Hatch 36″X 48″

This painting was a labor of love for me and Jesus. Getting the form and composition was easy. However, painting the faces was very difficult. I tried to figure in the age that Mary would have been at the time of the crucifixion. She was 14 when she and the Holy Spirit conceived the Son of God. So I added 33 years which was the age of Jesus when he expired on the Cross. She would have been around 47 at that time. No matter how hard I tried, I could not make her look the age that I considered. I still see her as the 14-year-old young woman who said YES!

I can only imagine the pain in her heart having to watch her Son who was brutally tortured. Wrongfully executed on the Cross of our redemption. When in her heart she knew there was a bigger cause for the agony that He endured.

When a child falls and scrapes their knee a mother’s heart sinks and she feels the pain of her child as if it were her own. She immediately begins to clean the wound. Perhaps some ointment to prevent infection. The mother puts a bandaid on the scrape and she usually will kiss the now-covered injury. That is motherhood. That is what we do with love. 

The body of Christ had suffered so many wounds and lacerations. On His precious head He bore the wounds from the crowning of thorns. The soldiers mocked Jesus as they whipped him. Jesus took on the shame of our sins with every blow. Every stroke of the paintbrush on the body of Jesus is representative of my sins. At times I would have to step back from the canvass to weep in sorrow for my sins. It was sometimes painful for me. Imagine his pain. My sins put Him there. I felt the weight of sin on His bruised and battered legs. 

By the way, I apologize. Those strikes of color which represent the wounds on Jesus’ body are only my sins in this painting. I had no room for yours. There was just no room!

This was and is a very personal painting. I felt exposed as I opened the wounds further with the strength of the brush. The firmer brushes were used to lay in the contours of Both Jesus and Mary. Many times I would say to Mary, “I am so sorry Mary, for harming your Son and thereby wounding your heart as well.” He took on all of our sins not just my own. Past, present, and future, but for all of mankind who acknowledge Jesus as the only true Son of God.

No longer was it necessary to offer animals sacrificed to God for atonement. Jesus said I will be your sacrifice once and for all! But before this sacrifice, there was another, back in Genesis 14:

When Abram returned from his defeat of Chedorlaomer and the kings who were allied with him, the king of Sodom went out to greet him in the Valley of Shaveh (that is, the King’s Valley).


Melchizedek, king of Salem,* brought out bread and wine. He was a priest of God Most High.


He blessed Abram with these words:c

“Blessed be Abram by God Most High,

the creator of heaven and earth;


And blessed be God Most High,

who delivered your foes into your hand.”

Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.

As we see here the first instance of offering bread and wine in the Bible was from the high Priest Melchizedek, king of Salem. After which, Abraham(then Abram) tithed 1/10 of everything to Melchizedek. The first priest mentions in the Bible by name. And is a model for the priesthood today. Hebrews 5:

“You are a priest forever

according to the order of Melchizedek.”


In the days when he was in the flesh, he offered prayers and supplications with loud cries and tears to the one who was able to save him from death,* and he was heard because of his reverence.


Son though he was,* he learned obedience from what he suffered;f


and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him,g


declared by God high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

The night before his death Jesus did the same with bread and wine. Only this time he gave of himself truly. Jesus was prefigured as far back as Genesis as I’ve shown you. He knew that he would suffer. He also knew who would betray him. Every time that you or I sin that is a wound to the Body of Jesus who loved us unto his own death. In order to fathom the reality of Christ, we must understand the value of suffering. Jesus showed us redemptive suffering. His examples are perfect both naturally and supernaturally. That Passover meal not only prefigured the Eucharist. It was the beginning of a covenant with His people. 

Now for over two thousand years, the Eucharist is celebrated all over the world every day, every hour of the day. Except for Good Friday. (when there is dispensation or for the sick, or if it has been consecrated previously to the day of Good Friday)

The pieta that I have painted is in remembrance of that Good Friday. I can envision Jesus being taken off of the cross. Someone dislodges the nails from his hands and his feet. They then place his holy body on the lap of Mary his heartbroken virgin Mother before taking him to the tomb for burial. The Bible says that the earth went dark. Matt Ch.27:

   From noon onward, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.


 And about three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?* which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

That is why I chose to keep the background of the painting very dark. I imagined there would be much more blood than I could paint. The wounds were difficult enough for this sinful soul. Due to the size and proportion of the scene and my canvas, it was impossible for me to get all of the seven wounds of Christ. I like many artists before I chose to put a veil (maybe Veronica’s veil?) over Jesus’ midsection to cover him up. We know that they hung Him naked to shame Him in front of those who followed Him. Surely Mary herself would have covered her Son of course. We should never forget the sufferings of Christ and we must learn to join our own suffering to His. We can even offer our own suffering up to God for those we love in imitation of Christ.

We can now look forward to Easter! Then we will celebrate the Resurrected Christ in all of His glory! We will share in that Resurrection in joy and thanksgiving. Our sins will be washed clean by his word and our repentance. We will renew our Baptismal Promises and we will start a new day praising Him all the day long. And Hallelujah will be our song! Thank you Jesus for all that you’ve done for me and for carrying my own cross when I could not. Look at how much he loved us! How very much He loves you! If ever you feel unworthy of His love just look up at the Cross and He tells you every time that you are still His. And you are worthy.  Let us thank Him always. A grateful heart is a happy heart. Thank you Jesus for loving me. I pray for each person that reads this. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand. Shalom.

Be sure to subsribe to this blog as well as my podcasts by the same name on Spreaker, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, I Heart Radio and more. Happy Easter!


Canceling Cancel Culture

Are you tired of watching conservative people, thoughts and ideas being cancelled? I am! Then I ran across this fantastic video that gave me some hope. It was produced, written and directed by Tim Colomba a young conservative with tons of talent. Talented conservatives are often shut down or shshshed. As a conservative artist I too have experienced this. This video called “Freedom of Creativity” got me excited and hopeful. Not all young people are snowflakes. Some have morals and faith and yes! Real talent. Check this video and my talk with him here! Also please subscribe to my channels and share. Thank you! Enjoy!


Texas Freedom

We are free at last as of this coming Wednsday and that is not soon enough for me. God bless Texas and prayers for all of America. These draconian rules have set us all back and reminded us that what the left really wants is communism. Well, we’ve got a little battle fatigue. We must never allow this to happen to us again. We will continue fighting the good fight for freedom and our God given rights. The masks may have helped but it definitely left us less free. We now know how far the left is willing to go to drag our great republic into communism. We will not stand for it!





Short And Not So Sweet

You would think that the Democrats would be happy today. They got their wish list. Santa Biden was good to them. They’re getting their baby killing machine rolling again. The borders are opening up bringing in all of their favorite products cheap labor, sex trafficking and more and more illicit drugs. They must be high as a kite happy now. But they don’t seem that way.


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Rock Solid With Danny McGill

What if you had achieved success, status, stardom and were living the exciting life of a rock star? What if you had it all? By the standards of this world being a rock star would guarantee a certain almost unattainable access to sex, drugs, and rock and roll. You are there in your big beautiful house and you have access to anything and everything. That is where Danny McGill found himself. Yet he was experiencing deep despair. Pain and void hit him like an unyielding punch in the gut. He didn’t recognize it at first. There was an emptiness that would not pass. A memory from his Presbyterian upbringing sat with him in that room. In that very large house. It wasn’t a haunting. It was rather a saving. Hear his story here. It is both fascinating and inspiring. It is my pleasure and honor to welcome Danny McGill to KathysRight.com!

Title change! Just a little bit!

After Election

What will happen in America if cheating becomes acceptable? We are getting a taste of that right now.
There’s a reason for blues music. We are living in that very reason. When we become complacent to lying, stealing and cheating we have changed as a country.

Season Deux

I’m so happy to start the second season of my podcast. It’s been a difficult year for almost all of us. But we patriots persevere. We do not retreat. (unless that’s part of the plan)


War and Love

First, they controlled us with a virus. I believe it to be a concocted virus. Then they provided riots, looting, and civil unrest. They remained mysteriously silent during these difficult times. While they plotted the unseating of the best President this country has ever had they also undermined all of our communications via censoring, neglectful reporting, and manipulating the public discussion. Many of our younger and more naive citizens believed them as though it were a reckoning of the false truths that they have been taught. They achieved all of this with very little scrutiny. They forbade the scrutiny. They mocked it. They dismissed it. And now they are plotting to shun the scrutinizers. 

What is the bigger question? Who are THEY?

As the proverbial masks are being removed from the faces of the monsters who seek our destruction, they insist that the masses, the mere public, wear masks everywhere!

This must be the Great Reset I’ve only heard about. Now I’m living it. What is becoming vivid is that so many of those crazy conspiracy theories are now occurring before our very eyes and it cannot be unseen. At this point!


Freedom Fighter

I was truly blessed to be able to discuss today’s topics with a real freedom fighter. Buckle your seatbelts! Mykel Barthelemy.


Plausible Deniability

The name of my newest work of art! How fitting. Jim Biden planned on pretending not to know about money paid to the Biden family in exchange for access and influence all under the name of then Vice President Joseph Biden. When asked if he was worried about getting caught he answered with two words, “Plausible deniability”. OH! So he is a legally well versed crook. Joe admitted to withholding a billion dollars from Ukrain unless they fired the prosecuter. So Ukrain did what he asked. “And son of a bitch!” as Joe Biden bragged the Ukrainian deal settled. Hunter Biden was now safe from prosecution in a country famous for corruption. Hunter was a board member of the company under investigation. It was and oil and gas company. Kind of hillarious don’t you think given that now we are expected to believe that Joe Biden wants to eliminate fossil fuel companies so that we can all have clean air. Oh.

That Joe! Or shall we call him “The Big Guy” like Hunter does. That is a wicked crime family and Joe Biden is the Boss. I’m sure he gets his cut off the top. So let’s look over and beyond all of that wickedness. I mean after all he’s our kind hearted ‘uncle Joe’! And who are we to question anything that the MSM deems important enough for us to know. Maybe we don’t know what’s best for us to know ourselves. We’ll let the MSM decide that for us. Right? They were so forthcoming about the Russia collusion theory! We heard if for three years! They were liars then! And they are liars now! They expect us to take their word for it about how we voted and who our president actually is for 2020?! I don’t think so.

I don’t trust the media or the Democratic Party.They are vipers. They are one and the same. Thank God for President Trump for exposing their true colors. Before Donald Trump came into office I was somewhat naive to the depth of corruption in our media, intelligence community, and our politicians. A political outsider was in order for this country and God delivered.


The MSM think and beleive that they get to decide who becomes our president! But that is not in our Constitution. In fact, it has always merely been a perverbial custom or a simple courtesy call . They dont get to do that anymore. The media is no longer worthy of our trust. They still think they can manipulate us as they have always done. Remember ‘subliminal manipulation’ in movie theaters? We will not succomb to their lies anymore! God has removed the scales from our eyes and we can now see clearly their deceitful ways of communication. It is all self evident. We have heard lie after lie about our President and he has been right all along.

There simply was not enough excitement nor even interest in Joe Biden’s campaign to warrant the amount of “votes” he supposedly had.

Bumbling Joe garnered so much loyalty and admiration?. Simply put, it didn’t happen. Mounting evidence increases daily that speaks of the widespread corruption of the voting process. Yet still, the MSM, out loud, claims that Joe Biden (yeah that one) received more votes than any American Presidential candidate ever! EVER! More than Reagan in his landslide election and even more votes than the ever-present Barrack Hussein Obama!

I have but one question for the media. How stupid do you think we are? In multiple cities across this country, we went to bed on election night while President Trump had a clear lead only to wake up and millions of votes had come in. In the middle of the night. Like at 3:45 am. They just appeared. Thousands upon thousands of ballots just showed up. 100% were for Biden. No other parts of the ballots were filled out. Not for mayors! Not for city council members! Not even for a local dog catcher! Just marked for Joe Biden. That simply defies all logic. 

We as Americans still have a voice! And we have a choice. To either lie back and take it knowing we’ve been duped, or to fight back and support our President who has sacrificed everything going into battle for us for the last four years of his life. Four years of hell that the Democrats dumped on him because of their flagrant disdain for him and the American citizens of this country. I say we have only just begun to fight. Evil will not win! They have no idea, yet, how strong and determined we are and will be in this fight against eviluntil God tells us to stop. We cannot allow our children and our children’s children to see that lying, cheating, and stealing payoff! What will they learn from our generations? This is our legacy! Not Obama’s. Not Hillary’s. And most certainly not family crime boss Joe Biden’s!

His whole family got stinking rich at the teets of China. Where the hell is Hunter Biden?! Where is ‘plausible deniability’ Jim Biden, for that matter? And more importantly, where are their bank accounts?

No matter how this all officially turns out…We don’t know just yet. Because the decay and corruption run so deeply. No matter how they try to twist and manipulate the American psyche the Left has waged war between themselves and the people of goodwill in this country. That is precisely why they wanted to disarm us. This is what our founding fathers, the writers of the Constitution of the United States foresaw. They wanted us to be able to protect ourselves from this kind of tyranny, the very tyranny we are experiencing today, now! So put on your armor America! Whether it be your faith, your minds, or your 1rst and 2nd Amendment rights!

We were pre-ordained to fight this fight! Stay ready and soldier up. We’ve got some thugs to take down!


The Sheep And The Goats

The world keeps telling us that division is a bad thing. It is not. At least not according to God!


The Hidin’ Bidens

I was up so early and late today. My titles don’t even match. But I’m determined to help save our country from communism and globalists. So please forgive my infractions. I will not stop. My ancestors and forefathers and yours did not give unto the last measure for this coup of the marxists/communists. Honestly, today they are all the same damn thing. So all that they, the soldiers of OUR birthright, did would have been in vain if we allow socialism to overtake us. All of us. All that the the Native Americans did and endured. All that the European settlers did, endured and accomplished. All that the black slaves endured and accomplished through wicked circumstances. We have all collectively done something really wonderful in the United States of America. Neither did my father nor yours, my grandfathers nor yours, none of them fought so hard and sacrificed so much so that we would wrap our America in a package, tie it with a bow and hand it over to communists. Communists rape the soul of a person. Ask anyone who has escaped Communism. What a slap in their faces, only to come to the land of freedom and watch as misinformed, brainwashed, and ungrateful young and stupid citizens tear this country apart. Well, each of us can and will do our part in saving this country. Whatever gifts or talents you have, use them to fight this good fight. God bless us all!


Cafeteria Catholics

It is becoming a bad joke in D.C. The RINO’s . Republicans in name only. Our Catholic Church has people like these too! Catholic in name only. What’s the point?


Extra Leola Please!

What happens when an American black woman tells her friends and family that she has become a Republican. Some revelations are sad and disappointing. Some reactions actually strengthened her resolve and certitude. A strong and amazing woman and patriot!


The Flag, Me and Dr. Lee

Scholarly wisdom from my dearest friend about education in this great country. Dr. Lee has been a fellow patriot in this unforeseen voyage politically developed by people who don’t have our children’s best interest at heart. She however, ALWAYS did! And she still does! Even retired, she is willing to share with us what she has learned. She talks about the history of charter schools as well as the current climate that threatens their existence. Patriots all! Listen and learn!


Talking With Terri

Education in America. A conservative Christian’s point of view!

So much of the leftist agenda involves schools. There are some brave conservative souls like Terri Dillon. We discuss what is happening. She speaks from the perspective of a devout Catholic Christian. It’s quite informative and enlightening. This is part two of a series of special shows. God bless you and God bless America!



Thuggery In America

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for mob rule in America. No one is actually voting for “can’t put a sentence together” Joe. They are also just voting against Trump. Joe has no redeeming qualities for the Presidency. We all know it. I just say it.


Knights In Shining Armor

I frank and honest conversation that Americans need to have about matters of faith and politics and where the two collide. My guest and friend Micheal Gray who is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a CPA and public speaker. He is a man of faith and conservative. His insight is thought provoking and sincere. I appreciate that he took some time to talk with me on my show. America! Let’s have a conversation.


My Conversation With Our Mayor Ed Tidwell

It is nice to know that there are leaders who really care about the people of their constiuencey. Ed Tidwell is one such man. God bless him for all that he does for my fair city of Lago Vista, Texas!


Too Polite

The problem with us is this….We are too damn polite! The left has run roughshod over us in society and in life. We have allowed this to happen. We are the silent majority. While the vulgarity of the left has usurped the conservative perogative, our silence has given birth to this present day perilous existence. Our major blue cities have become suicidal. But not without the help of wealthy globalists who cannot stand what was a booming economy and peaceful existence in the United States of America.


Bye Felicia!

I used to be a fan of a certain conservative speaker. He was a provocateur. Until today. When refering to his guests he described her as “authentically black”. I wondered what he meant. It soon became clear to me that even though he is a self described conservative speaker, he remains auspiciously liberal in his mindset. Who, after all, is he to discern if anyone is “authentically black”?

The Border Special Guest Tim Enlow KathysRight.com

What's going on at the border is not humanitarian. We are being made complicit in human slavery.
  1. The Border Special Guest Tim Enlow
  2. They're Back
  3. The Economics of It All
  4. Cancelling Cancel Culture With Freedom
  5. Felicity Joy and Danny McGill

KathysRight.com with Felicity Joy

What an inspiring joyful woman. When many in the world are tearing everything down there are women who continue to build up something in the country. Some positive and good! Amen Felicity! We had a great talk. Hope to have her on again!

The Martyrs

The Border Special Guest Tim Enlow KathysRight.com

What's going on at the border is not humanitarian. We are being made complicit in human slavery.
  1. The Border Special Guest Tim Enlow
  2. They're Back
  3. The Economics of It All
  4. Cancelling Cancel Culture With Freedom
  5. Felicity Joy and Danny McGill


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