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What an inspiring joyful woman. When many in the world are tearing everything down there are women who continue to build up something in the country. Some positive and good! Amen Felicity! We had a great talk. Hope to have her on again!

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The Stranger

All of America is in mourning at this moment. Not just because a man was murdered before our eyes. We are in mourning for the America that was. Who we were before the pandemic, the people we used to be. I’m sad that we may never truly be as truly free as we once were. Remember seeing smiles you would from perfect strangers? Passersby? Now we have words like the “new normal”. Masked people sometimes scowl with their eyes. People are highly irritable and it is breaking my heart. Little kids are lonely and want to play with their friends. People have lost their minds and their tans. Including me a black woman. What the hell!

I don’t know what the future holds for us. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t believe in crystal balls anyway. I’m happy to be able to go to church again. Even though the atmosphere seems a little too sterile because of all the masks. No one can sit next to anyone outside of their families. I really miss the beautiful faces of my fellow parishioners. Their eyes still sparkle though. I love that.

A moment ago an old song came on Spotify. It’s called “What If God Was One Of Us” sung by Joan Osborne. It got me to thinking about my Sunday Mass. Jesus did that. Sometimes He just makes things so clear. He made Himself one of us by being born of the Virgin Mary and becoming a man. Can you imagine Him sitting nine feet from you at church? Would we practice social distancing from Jesus? A woman was healed from just touching His robe! 

Many years ago I would take a bus to downtown Houston to go shopping at Joske’s mostly. Along the way, at one stop, an older man got on and sat down next to me. I was nervous and uncomfortable because he was unkempt. He also had a slight odor to him. All I could think about was ‘I hope he gets off soon so I won’t have to sit next to him all the way to downtown’. I scooted closer to the wall of the bus making sure not to accidentally touch this old man.

So this song comes on today and I think about that old man and I think about Jesus. Most men didn’t have combs and showers back in the days of Jesus. By my standards Jesus Christ Himself would have been unkempt. Then comes the part of the song “Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger on a bus trying to make His way home” Wow! Is that how I treat Jesus? The way I treated that old guy when I rode the bus. Do I treat Jesus that way today? Do I coil away in fear when He is near me? Am I social distancing from Jesus out of fear? Think about these questions for yourselves. What I learned from these stark comparisons is that I know that Jesus not only wants to sit next to me he wants a pure intimacy with me as well! It is as if Jesus has been courting my soul for my whole life. That is what our communion or Eucharist is all about. He wants to be a part of us and for us to be a spiritual and physical part of His divine body.

If Jesus came and sat next to you a little dirty and a little smelly would you coil away from him as I did that little old man? We must recognize Jesus with our spiritual eyes. In His own day, many did not recognize who Jesus was as is the case today. Many still don’t. That’s because they don’t have the eyes of someone who is in Christ. Or they are attached to their sin. Indeed sin does give you a social distance from Christ. Why are Christians so afraid when Jesus told us to fear not!? Maybe it’s because we all know that we are sinners. Yet Jesus loves you and me anyway. Don’t allow your sin to keep you away from Jesus. He’s there to forgive us in spite of ourselves. Go to church. Sit down and pray, ‘God I know I’m a sinner and I’m sorry’. And then you will experience the most indescribable mercy and love that to this day makes me weep tears of joy when I simply sit down at church. I say that little prayer every time. And then my heart feels like it’s just so full that it may be exploding.

Don’t wait until you are perfect. Jesus will take you just the way you are! He will change you! He will heal you! He will love you! I know He will because I experience His love every day. He will give you the grace to conquer your sin. That’s how He works! 

So stop your mourning and live in the moment. The world around you is changing and that makes us fearful. Fear not! Please don’t social distance from our God because he is exactly what you need right now. Saint Mother Theresa was not afraid and she worked with lepers! She still made it to Mass for communion. I’m just saying. Take each day one moment at a time. Be in that moment and talk to Jesus. 

Sometimes it takes just a song to remind you of who you really are. Jesus wants you to have peace. Talk to Him like he’s sitting right next to you. Because he is!


Holier Than Thou


“from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, 1602 (Shakespeare’s actual title is – The tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke):


“To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,…”

What say you America? I am done with it! By that, I mean that  I am growing to understand this pandemic. I know that people who are health compromised are at risk. Those people have a right to stay at home. But to demand that all Americans mask up or actually muzzle up in order for control freaks to feel better is contrary to everything that the USA was founded upon. It is a march toward Communism. Really it is but a foretaste of things to come if we all acquiesce to present-day totalitarian mythology. And it is truly a mythological wet dream of socialists to take control of our every move or even our thoughts! Favored Dr. Fauci says that he wears a mask as a   ‘symbol’ of what everyone ‘should be doing’. Since the goalpost keeps on changing to accommodate different theories by many different doctors. We as Americans have to decide on the validity of the 1rst, 2nd, and multiple other theories and prognoses of the many “experts”. 

Judging one another based on the wearing of masks has become a source of moral division in this country. I choose not to wear a mask outside of my home unless the building I am entering required it. Just as when someone enters my home I could ask for them to remove their shoes. It’s my own home. It’s their own businesses. I simply refuse to live in fear and submission constantly. I have grown weary of breathing in my own breath. That can’t be very healthy in my not so humble opinion. And it’s getting hot and humid here in the Lone Star State. I don’t judge those who for their own reasons choose to cover their faces and smiles. The masks have become a symbol of submission to authority. Maybe that’s just me. First, they said not to wear a mask. Then they said everyone should wear one.  At this point and time, I choose to welcome alternative opinions. I choose to entertain the thought that we must be free people. Ultimately we must be considerate of others. But we must also maintain our autonomy, dignity, and personal decision-making abilities. We live in a free country! Period.

Am I virtuous? Probably not. But I do recognize tyranny when I see it. I see it quite often lately. Tyranny is on steroids!  It is glaringly on display today in mostly blue states and blue cities. Demi-tyrants like Chicago’s mayor Lightfoot stationed police cars with officers at the entrance of a certain church parking lot preventing worshippers from sharing the Gospel together. This is their God-given unalienable right! That’s a power grab of biblical proportions! Not to be outdone the governor of Michigan put in place such ridiculous public policies and rules that meme-makers are having to work overtime distilling the propagation of the absurd. It’s absurd. The only question is this. Will the Democratic Party have the nation whipped into enough submission by November that voters will walk willingly into the voting booth?  Like steers in a cattle chute, will they vote for their own slaughter? Will the left be allowed to slice and dice our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our civil liberties? Well! Only if we let them.

We can look at each other with love or disdain while wearing or not wearing these muzzle looking face coverings. We are made neither more nor less holy by wearing a mask. Yet there are videos online of people shouting at others in stores for not wearing one. Are they holier than though? The more that we learn about the Covid-19 virus the less I see there  to be a need for these extreme measures. In my view, we are suppressing our own immune systems by adhering to these theories. That’s really all they are, models and theories.  And this is what we are doing nationwide? Different doctors are saying different things about our handling of this national health scare. But the leftist media insist on keeping us afraid of one another. That is all the Democrats know how to do. They instill fear followed by control. The MSM, the longtime long arm of the Democratic party, seems to relish in controlling the masses. The Democrat party and the mainstream media are an unholy alliance. Somebody prove me wrong! Anyone? Anyone? Kathy’s right again!

They said it out loud but we didn’t really believe them. Many from Hollywood’s ilk like Bill Maher exclaimed many times that he was hoping for a crash in the economy in order to rid the world of a Trump victory in 2020. Are 30,000,000 people out of a job enough for Bill? People are hurting in our country. We are not made to sit around waiting and hoping for a government check. We work! We aspire! We innovate! We get things done! That’s who we are in America! We were never Obama’s America. That is why I would cringe whenever Obama would say, “That’s not who we are!”  He never really knew who ‘we are’ and what we are made of. This country is enduring an unprecedented pain right now. Brought on by a virus that came from communist China. A country that has no love for us. They are probably quite envious of us. Are we hurting enough in this country for the Democrats to get their power back? Perhaps we should ask Bill.  This has become a golden opportunity for the left to manipulate our mentalities. Fear and intimidation is nothing new for the Democrats. That was their favorite tactic when they formed the KKK. So now they want all of us to be afraid all the time. They want blacks to be afraid of whites and whites afraid of blacks. Now with the “Me too” {stalled} movement, they’ve got men afraid of women and women afraid of men. Quite naturally they’ve put that movement on pause while Joe Biden runs for office.Good move Democrats! Thumbs up!

MSM was obviously annoyed when the country began to open up in some states. Mostly red. Were they losing their grip on our constitutional rights? Too bad. We’re keeping them.

 They insert race into every issue whether it is warranted or not. So people start to see racism around every corner to make us all paranoid of each other. Now with corona and the masks!?! Each individual is afraid of other individuals. Some yelling at each other, “Six feet! Six feet!” That actually happened to me at the store. Actors (who know nothing) turn to the cameras and admonish us as if we were children to “Wash your hands!” and “Stay inside” from their homes in the Hampton’s and their highrise apartments. Give me a break!

Recently a very handsome American young black man was murdered in Minneapolis by a rogue police officer. Officer Derek Chauvin put all of his weight using his knee on the already subdued and arrested neck of now-deceased George Floyd. And of course, immediately the media points out the ethnic differences of each. It was caught on video. We have all seen it by now. We get to witness murders and murderers all too often nowadays on videos as par for the course. Everyone’s got a cell phone. Many people are angry. I am angry too! I would be equally angry if it were a black police officer committing this atrocity toward a white victim. It was evil and awful. And this has happened before and too often. One time is too often. Every life is precious, including the lives of all of the victims who die through the ongoing violence in Chicago. 19 died in the last weekend alone and 82 people were shot. This was during this quarantine period. What? No riot? No march? Obviously no one really cared. Do we know their names? They are just as dead as George Floyd. One cold and calloused police officer did this. But it was a white police officer. Would it be any better if the police officer were black? We probably wouldn’t have even heard about it.

Quite naturally and nationally a large protest ensued. Were they protesting police authority overreach? Police brutality? Or was it a protest against racism? Which I would normally applaud. God bless the repose of the soul of this young man. No matter the crime he may have committed he didn’t deserve to die at the hands or knee of someone who is charged with upholding the law. Is that officer going to jail? I don’t know. But he definitely should from what I saw. Power does indeed corrupt. But I know for a fact that not all police officers are like that. And also not all men of color are criminals. But this story is exactly what the Democrats have ordered. Does that sound savage to you?

 I predicted in earlier shows that between then and November there would surely be more racial disputes reported to hail in the angry blacks and or their overseers ready to say “Now do you see?”. “America IS a racist country!”. The following expected leap would follow… that happened because Trump is a racist. But he is not a racist and neither is America. Peaceful protests are often a good thing. Particularly when our rights as human beings are infringed upon. But when do freedom-loving Americans wake up and say to themselves “I’m so damn mad about social injustice I’m just going to go steal a TV and various other expensive electronic devices! Damnit!”  Yes, that’ll reduce racism for sure. Not to worry though. They weren’t all black. I saw a photo of one white looter. He was stealing a box of Legos! I kid you not.

Fast forward to now. Major American cities are in trouble and turmoil. What I was lead to believe was that people were so upset about the unlawful death of George Floyd that they just lost their minds in rage! It was evil! I saw it with my own two eyes on the video. My heart just broke. But my heart is breaking now for a very different reason. And that is the actions of the extreme leftists afterward. Wound after wound is no way to live. We are a wounded nation. First the treasonous pandemic of the Corona Virus. Followed by the excessively extreme measures of limitations placed on American citizens by their own many forms of government. A country that was once free has now enslaved itself supposedly for the benefit of all of its people. We all (most) cooperated for a time. We covered our faces and stayed away from each other in the hope of keeping us all well. All is definitely no longer well. Outraged by the murder of George Floyd Americans mostly black at first took to the street in protest. I understood that. But to protest all over the country? I thought at that time that maybe their anger and frustration coupled with having been on lockdown for so long, that it was just a bad combination. This was and is a very volatile situation full of emotion and rage. I still understood that. Like a tiger that’s been poked, and poked while in his cage. Suddenly he bursts out of the cage and wants to kill the man who poked him. I could even almost understand that! Though I truly expected more from my fellow homo sapiens.

So then I watched hours of TV “news” to see how it would all end. Well, I’ve been deeply disappointed by what I’ve seen. Human beings descended into animalistic behavior. Actually it was worse than that. Many protesters either became or were joined by looters or rather opportunistic Babylonian thieves. Word got out via cell phones to other professional rioters. You remember those, don’t you? They’ve been out of work for a while since interrupting and attacking people who rightfully attended Trump rallies in 2015 and 2016. These paid instigators used to terrorize old people and women mostly. Oh and the occasional kid! Most wore all black, a very intimidating color and sinister looking. But it wasn’t just sinister-looking. The people who wore these outfits had a sinister agenda, mission, and intent. They knew what they were doing then. They prepared for disruption and they acted upon it with fervor and glee. They enjoyed scaring people rarely picking on someone their own size. Back then they were cowards who often wore masks so that they couldn’t be recognized. So of course they were not going to miss an opportunity like a racial protest during the Corona Pandemic to once again don their masks. Because Hey! Everybody’s wearing masks now. How can anyone tell one person from the other? Now it’s so easy to blend in! And this time they were way more coordinated, like soldiers on a real mission.

These modern-day terrorists are on a mission to cause chaos and mayhem. Hiding under the skirts of real protesters they are now in almost every major city in America simultaneously. These are bottom feeders. How did they get to each of these cities? It’s been proven from the arrests records that they don’t belong in those cities that they seek to destroy. Most people in their station in life are out of work because of the pandemic. How do they afford the travel? Where do they stay? Who’s footing the bill?

By attacking, looting, and burning down buildings in multiple urban cities across America they are in fact in a coordinated way waging war against America. If they do not cease their evil intentions in about five minutes America will be at war with them. And that they do not want! Or do they? I think it is significant that they got away with burning down the police station in Minneapolis. Lara Logan, a Fox News Contributor, had the best theory that I have heard. She was unfortunately cut off during her interview because of breaking news! What she was getting at was this (not a direct quote). The reason the interlopers needed to burn down the police station was that they needed the photo op of police officers shooting at the “protesters”. That would set off a flurry of racial violence countrywide the likes of which this nation has never seen. And then they would have gotten what they wanted. But the police didn’t bit that bait. They exited the building safely. Each made  their courageous journies home to their families

This is why instinctively when the pandemic shut down was announced Second Ammenders immediately purchased extra guns and extra ammo in anticipation of a possible war. Any enemy of the United States of America would, of course, attack us when we are down. The pandemic was too much of an opportunity for those who would want to take away our power and destroy our nation. Our brainwashed leftist young people were eager to aid them. After all, they’ve been stuck at home with little to no money. The young and the stupid would jump on that bandwagon without it having to slow to a halt.

What I see when I turn on the TV for an update is a massive group of godless young people who have not had a chance to get their freak on in months. They are mostly(my bet) from godless homes. Sex, drugs, and hopelessness have taken hold of their souls. I’ve written about this before. The idolatry of sex, violence, and consumerism is the religion of the young leftist. Without God, they do not foresee the consequences of their actions and affiliations. Never mind the fact that their frontal lobes are not fully developed. If that’s a thing!

But here’s my thing. I’ll not accept their uncouth behavior and family failings as my guidepost as to how I will protect myself if confronted by these excrements. For the most part, I keep to myself and mind my own business. But the day may come when they grow tired of intimidating the elderly and the young in the urban areas and they may leak outside of the city and come to my neck of the woods. You see we older people who live on the outskirts of the city or in the country, we know that we are not strong enough to duke it out with young intruders. Most of them are bigger than we are. But every soul I know in Texas believes in the right to bear arms. Being this old means we have very little to lose, and we have been through a few things. We know when and how to protect ourselves, quickly. We are not a Target store waiting to be looted so they can run free. If any of these merciless young yahoos attempt that mess in our homes in middle America, old people will shoot first and ask questions later. Leftist morons would be wise to stop all of this nonsense now! But wisdom is not on their list of must-haves.

God bless all of my friends and subscribers! Leftist goons are trying to stop the election and ruin our country. Let us not grow weary. Jesus says fear not! God’s got this too!  You have survived 100% of all the crap in your life, all the troubles 100% of them! Let us cling to our hope in Christ. Because we know for sure that in the end, God Wins! PEACE!


Our Ultimate Goal

Fatherless children are the result of the feminist movement and the sexual revolution. The children are innocent. But they deserve to be in a household with a mother and a father and nothing less. Our culture has attempted to redefine what a family is and the results have been catastrophic, to say the least. Since women are the child-bearers we are all too often left raising our children on our own while men go off spreading their seeds in other women’s wombs. We want to dance around the subject matter so much in this society but rarely do we acknowledge the causation of this predicament for our children. These beautiful God-given children are born out of wedlock. There is no longer a stigma to that as there is no longer a sense of shame in fornication and adultery. Pastors and Priest don’t talk about it from the pulpit. Of course, you will never hear it discussed in the Main Stream Media. Why? Idolatry.

Many today confirm the belief that idolatry is the worship of an item or a statue. But truly. The definition of idolatry is loving and valuing anything that we put above the deserved worship and love of God. I have written before about the idolatry of sex in today’s culture. There used to be a sense of shame when two people had intercourse outside of marriage. That is clearly no longer the case. Our culture has adopted the ungodly belief the sex outside of marriage is the norm and therefore no longer a sin.

For instance, I can say a curse word and people are appalled. I can say fuck, shit, and worse, and many, even in my own circle would be appalled and maybe not want to be around me anymore. But if I (I am married) spoke of a love interest that I was having sex with outside of marriage. No one would bat an eye because sin has become the norm. This is acceptable today. 

In the movies we can see people shooting each other, even dismembering each other and we find that entertaining. We eagerly wait for our main characters to exact vengeance against their antagonists with a sigh of relief at the end of movies. Because violence won out?

All of my life since the early 70’s I have been a movie buff. In fact, I have studied Radio-television and film at the University of Texas. My favorite class in these studies was called at the time Narrative Strategies. I loved studying the development of a story. I still do. 

But since then I have matured spiritually. I am still a child of God. What is glaringly apparent today is the narrative development of gratuitous sex in film. It is rarely germane to the story or subject matter. But it is always there and in your face. I am not a squeamish nor prudent person. However, the trend that I am seeing is that the acts of kissing and or intercourse in film are almost never between a husband and wife in the traditional sense. Today those actions are predominately between unmarried characters and homosexually explorative characters. 

Why do you suppose that is? I haven’t seen a husband and wife kiss on camera since my Doris Day movies. Of course, you’ll see a man and a woman kiss in a wedding. That’s a part of the story. But do we have to venture into the lowest realms of sexuality for a film to be interesting? Well, it is tantalizing. But is it necessary? Is there a homosexual agenda emanating from Hollywood? You bet there is! It appears that the producers of mainstream films are saturating entertainment with lurid sex so as to make us accustomed to deviant sexuality. They are making moral people numb to the nuances of homosexuality and promiscuity. As per their agenda, if lurid sexual activity is the norm the idea of sin ceases to exist. If they are successful, and it seems as though they have been, heaven and hell cease to exist as well. Soon to follow, is the cessation of a belief in God. And that my friends, is their ultimate goal.

Can we turn this around for our country’s future? On the large scale probably not. On the small scale absolutely. This is why we must come to think of our families and homes as domestic churches. If we, family by family, turn toward God and His ways, and His plan we can still have a hope of Heaven and a dread of Hell. Must we become saints to do this? That will be a day to day struggle for each of us. Even though that proverbial cow has left the barn, each of us each day, today and every day can choose to turn away from sin and choose God. God is our only hope for the recovery of a peacefully ordered life in Christ. Hopefully, that is our ultimate goal.


The Snakes of Washington

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We are addicted to China. We need to wean ourselves off of the teet of China and be the self sufficient country that I know we can be. And American addicts are in trouble and more dangerous than ever.


My Escape From California

As life was supposed to be winding down after my husband’s retirement I was drawn back to my roots, Texas! I started to see clearly that the life surrounding me was not my own. My children had moved on to various hopes, dreams and a few let downs. All I could see before me was a big house that I had to vacuum. I had a beautiful pool that I rarely swam in. I spent most of my days maintaining a useless house. I knew that this was no longer my home.

The people that I thought were my friends were very much detached and suddenly sur

real to me. Oh, we were all friendly.  I mean I went to church. And through the motions of being a good Christian. God does His best work when I’m not paying attention. It all began to seem aimless. I had no purposeful intention. I was happiest at Mass. It was and is the highest form of prayer for me and my soul. But it could not be continuous for me. My empty home terrified me. I was a homemaker, a wife, and a Mother. 

No one needed me daily anymore and that was haunting. We thought about getting a smaller place. That depressed the hell out of me. The idea of returning to Texas didn’t come to me. It was definitely my husband. We talked about get more bang for our buck. I was immediately happier. 

The Obama years were not kind to us financially. I was surrounded daily by the ramifications of the sins of others. By that, I mean that quite a few divorces of friends and neighbors started to get to me. As though I thought it would be contagious. Their daily deluge of excuses, selfishness, and narcissism became nauseating within me. It was very strange to my psyche. My problem was that these different versions of marriage were starting to sound normal to me. I would party with these people. That’s when I caught myself in a crisis of conscience. These were not normal marriages. Their sins were neither original nor normal!. This one loses a lot of weight. She thinks she’s hot now. So she starts partying with men in clubs and oops! She fools around on her husband. That one starts to work out. Now he begins to wear chain necklaces and tank tops in the dead of winter! We had our cold days too in San Diego. Oh! And he needed the tanning booths. These were obviously danger signs. Then his wife, a former gymnast reveals to me in a spa one day that her husband with the new physique is leaving her and their daughter on Tuesday. It was Saturday.  Oh, and by the way, she then says she hopes he mows the lawn before he leaves. Then another one finds out that her son is a pedophile. The neighbor down the street who has been missing for two years? Her husband said she took off on drugs. I thought that was strange. I’ve never seen her have a beer or a glass of wine. Well, they found her body in the backyard. She was a friend. She taught me how to put on fake nails and how to sew. When I had gone into labor with my last baby, she was my game plan to watch the kids when I went into labor. And one early morning at 4 am, that’s what she did. If all of this sounds normal to you, you must be a Californian.

Given the opportunity to get the hell out of there, I jumped happily in our Chevy Silverado Truck, and got my Republican black ass back to TEXAS where I belong!. Yee!! Haaaw!! I think we left skid marks on our old driveway! And the rest is my story. Stay tuned!

My Escape From California
The Adventure Begins
“Escape” painting by Kathy Hatch
16″ x 20″
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The Charade

If this is progress, why does is feel like we are on a hamster’s wheel? I watched the impeachment inquiry on television in its entirety. The players are the usual bunch except for the young congresswoman name Elise Stefanik. She was that extra pistol you keep in your sock at your ankle cocked and loaded just in case.  Were it not for her the Schiff Show would have been just several hours of my life that I’ll never get back. She did something that few Republicans do nowadays and that is she gave me hope. It’s a welcome relief to know that not all millenials drank the grape socialism flavored KoolAide. She stood tall and spoke with an unexpected authority in a room just chock-full of Schiffdomness. And I’m quite sure the she had to scrape the Schiff off the bottom of her shoes as she left that auspicious room that once belonged to the American people. She is of that ilk that’ll reclaims that room one day on behalf of a grateful nation. If Stefanik had been a Democrat, the feminazis would have had Schiff for lunch because of his maltreatment of her. He was as cold as ice as he repeatedly pounded that gavel meant to just shut her up more than five times.

This was a charade of a legal proceeding. This was not a legitimate course of action by the Democrats. Even they had to have been able to see that. The shame of it is that the Democrats were not the least bit embarrassed by this so called inquiry. They should have been sharp enough to know that putting a consummated liar like Schiff in charge of this attempted coup of our President would leave them looking exactly like the charlatans that they are. Is this the best that they have to offer in Schiff or even the candidates running for the office in 2020? If it is then everyone should be crying into their pillows tonight. Pelosi is vagrantly absent by design. If Schiff fails or falls on his face she’ll be poised in position as Speaker of the House to publicly say that she at least let him try. She will throw him under the bus when it is most advantageous to her and her reputation. Nancy knows that Schiff is gowing down after being caught in lie after lie. Nancy is nothing if she’s not patient.

If this impeachment makes it to the Senate, we’ve already been told, it will be dead on arrival. But hold on. Not so fast. The older and wiser Senate might have a few questions of their own. They too will be able to call witnesses if they so desire. They could call upon anyone that Congress missed: the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, Fusion GPS etc..any one. Or they could just vote this nonsense away. They too have options.

Where do we go from here? More smoke and mirrors from Democrats in perpetual search of a crime? Do we continue to tolerate abuse from the left? That is what we conservatives have been doing for a hundred years. We’ve allowed the left to dumb down our language, our children and our morals. All of this was done because we have been so damn polite! They throw a riot and we ask ‘where were our police?’. They pour unknown liquids on the heads of our police officers humiliating them on camera for all the world to see. My heart broke when I saw that. Conservatives have been chased out of restaurants because of the crime of supporting or working for our duly elected President. A conservative judge is shouted at and chased out of the television studio by a former comedian (Whoopi) who now is the bastion of truth, according to the left. How are they getting away with destroying public property because they are overwhelmed that a conservative guest will speak on a university campus? The left gets away with all types of uncivilized behavior because of us. Because we have too much dignity to return fire with any elevated stance of defense. 

Are we becoming what we hate? Are we cowards? The opposite of right isn’t the left. The opposite of right is wrong. We have to stand up to them. They are bullying us; dependant on their knowledge that we will behave in a certain civilized way. Are we not intelligent enough to fight back? We do know how to plan and then  thoughtfully get things done. That is our way. We must be four steps ahead of the enemy and we know who they are. We don’t do anything half cocked. We will not become like the beast, but we will outwit the beast. The Democrats have to not see us coming in order for us to be effective. We are capable of changing the course of this ship and inately we already know how to do it. That intuitiveness comes from God Himself. The difference between those of us on the right and the others is that we are fighting out of love for this country. We are fighting out of love for our neighbors. I love watching Trump rallies. The audience (that’s us) is excited and happy. Full of hope and purpose. Conservatives are for something positive and good. Like…Life, God, America and Freedom. Individual freedom is our commonality. 

Unfortunately,the young naively believe that by giving more of our rights away there will come a day of global peace. They mistakingly believe in a utopia where no one has to be responsible because the government can and will fix any and all social problems. That’s what they’ve been taught. They do not yet realize that the socialism taught to them is a form of bondage. The young and naive are the chosen weapons used by the left to gain control and therefore power. They have used our children as their pawns. We can begin there and on our own. They say that ‘hate is learned’, well ‘love’ is learned too! Let us reclaim our children. We must all be teachers!  We have experience on our side and a knowledge of history (i.e. lessons learned). And because we love our children and grandchildren we will have to re-educate the masses. We must use whatever gifts and talents we have to further the cause of goodness and virtue. We, the silent majority, must remain silent no more. Let us be vocal and strong and make our ancestors proud of who they left in charge. We are clever enough to find long-lasting ways of reversing the damage done by the left. We will redefine “progress” for them. The American Spirit will prevail and the tide will turn because fighting back is our only option. 

But for now when you are in the company of a lefty, try to resist the urge to hit them over the head with a shovel.  Instead say a little prayer for them and wish them well. Let’s do our best to be a peaceful people. If that doesn’t work take comfort in the fact that we still have the most guns. We are also a 2nd Amendment people.

Painting by Kathy Hatch “Scottish Fold”


Home Of The Brave

American Veterans have given their all, risked their all to keep the people of the United States of America safe and sovereign. Going all the back to before the American Revolution our forefathers fought the good fight and gave their all so that we today can enjoy the bountiful fruits of their sacrifices. Even when we fought one another on our own sacred ground the fruits have brought forth the greatest and most free nation that ever existed on earth. 

When we were children we enjoyed playing outside with our friends and neighbors. We had no concept of politics or whose side to be on. We were young and innocent and we gladly built forts made out of lawn chairs and anything that our parents discarded. We had make-believe guns and shot each other whimsically. We became top-notch thespians as we fell to the ground giving our rendition of the very real wars that preceded us. We loved to play cowboys and Indians! We would choose up sides as to who was who. We sometimes even pretended to paint our faces to emulated what we thought a respectable Indian would look like. In our fantasy world, there were no good guys nor bad guys only really neat characters we wanted to be like.

I grew up in Texas where we had Rodeo Day where every kid in school got to dress up like a real cowboy.  I lived in the city of Houston before it became H town. I loved Rodeo Day! My mother always figured out some kind of costume for me to wear to school. There was no political correctness to be bothered with. If a child showed up at school as a well-painted Indian they only the best kind of attention from teachers and students alike. We were applauded for our originality and creativity!

Even as children we knew from television that even though the “Indians” and cowboys fought each other they were sometimes friends. 

Now we have all grown up a learned a little bit about history. We’ve learned of the many atrocities that occurred during those many battles. It became sad to us all. But when I put a little more thought into our American past. I think that I was more correct as a child thinking that the cowboys and Indians all played equal parts in bringing this nation to the freedoms we now take for granted. The Civil War became necessary to further advance the consciousness of America. We were divided by thought, we were divided by industry and we were divided by freedoms. We are now the United States of America. All of those soldiers fought, thousands upon thousands died. They all sacrificed with honor. As did our Native Americans. It matters not at this point what side your ancestors were on  200, 100 or even 50 years ago. We all live in this great country together. The children on my block had it right all along. 

Come Sunday morning when I was a child all of the kids that lived on my street got dressed up. We put on our nicest clothes our whitest socks and we girls got to wear pretty white gloves. We jumped in the families’ cars with our parents and went to our perspective churches and we prayed as our mommas taught us. We girls fiddled with our dresses and tiny purses and we felt all grown up going to Church on Sundays. On Sundays, we dressed up because we were taught to respect the house of God and to love our neighbors. We got to do all of that because of all the American soldiers both living and dead. I for one will forever appreciate their sacrifices. In my own family, I thank you for everything: My dad ARMY, My grandfather ARMY, a host of uncles MARINES and my son Daniel Hatch Airman the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE. God bless all veterans today! And God Bless the USA!!!

Painting by Kathy Hatch oil 14 x 18 Untitled.



They’ve got nothing. I watched the last Democratic Debate in puzzlement. After a soul jolting commercial for atheism the lackluster chairman of the DNC attempted to rouse up the lefty crowd with a “Rah-Rah-Sisboombah” sort of introduction. Perez was not cut out for this. Pom poms might have helped. The camera panned to the audience where we discover drab almost depressed-looking faces. If I were taking bets at that moment in time my money would be on the Republicans winning 2020 by a landslide.

The misguided introductory hoopla was clearly outdone in boredom by the Democratic Presidential candidates themselves. This was their best? Really? Wow. If I weren’t certain that the Democratic Party would be hell-bent on the destruction of our country, I’d almost feel sorry for them. But alas I can not afford the luxury of pitying them. There’s too much at stake. Our rights, freedom, and way of life to be exact. And for this reason, I will not go quietly into that dark night. (loosely borrowed from Welsh poet Dylan Thomas) 

I’ve always been fond of debates since my teen years. I love them because they are usually exciting and yet orderly. The debater must always be prepared for any direction the argument may go. Preparation is the key to a victorious outcome. Or so you would think. The Democratic debate last week was well prepared for by all of the candidates. Not that it did any of them any good. The problem with these competitors is that they have nothing to offer worth getting excited about. Well, maybe Andrew Yang who promised cold hard cash to each taxpayer each month. $1000 dollars! Buying the vote is the typical protocol for the dems. Kamala Harris wants to study the possibility of reparations to the descendants of slaves. It’s illogical and unfeasible but it’s a carrot. A person so inclined by a perpetual victimhood psychosis might bite at that. But most who have common sense will see that for what it is. Bribery for the black vote. Thank you, Kamala Harris, for once again insulting my intelligence. The next thing you know they’ll be promising “A new car!” They’re going to Oprah us. “You get a car, you get a car…and you get a car!” Hey, at least if they did that I might have woken up from the nap I almost had watching this time-wasting debacle.

Joe Biden is their front runner? He brought nothing new to the table except that he and his son did nothing wrong in the Ukrain and he promised never to do it again if he became president.( Go home Joe and enjoy your grandchildren, play some golf. I’m sure Obama will play with you if you ask nicely. Forget about his lack of loyalty to you by not endorsing you.)  Bernie Sanders wants us all to become socialists/communists and embrace the idea of breadlines and becoming completely dependent on the government for let’s just say it…everything. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is test marketing America to see if indeed we are ready to see gay males kanoodling in front of the White House on a daily basis. ( I don’t think we are Pete but God bless your heart.) Spartacus Cory Booker is black. Ok, that’s about it. He reminds me of organic peanut butter for some reason that has the consistency of moist sawdust. But he is black I’ll give him that. He tried so hard to remind us by injecting just enough ebonics into his carefully concocted sentences. Gun grabber Beto O’Rourke knew even then that his days were numbered on the campaign trail. First of all, no one was going to willingly give Beto their guns. Being from Texas he had to have known that. He actually nailed his coffin earlier when he apologized for being a white male while sitting between the swine and the sow of daytime TV; The View. This pathetic gesture cost him his manhood that day. Much to our relief he has since jumped onto his tiny skateboard and skedaddled home. Of zero importance were billionaire Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar. Amy had been much more impressive when she announced her candidacy standing in a blizzard. Still, I questioned her intelligence as she began to look like Frosty the Snowman. Tulsi Gabbard wins the best dressed for the evening, she wore white. She tried to bring the hammer down but all that she could muster up was an inaudible thump. I do believe however more than the rest she is patriotic.  But her warped beliefs on abortion dwarf her most redeeming quality. Lest we not forget Julian Castro who…I already forgot.

At this point, I think Elizabeth Warren has the best chance to win the Democratic nomination. It is slim pickins for the plantation party. And golly she’s got energy to spare. Free Medicare for all is her mantra. It’s only several trillion dollars and the billionaires are going to pick up the tab. I’m still reeling from the revelation that she lied about her Native American heritage. She couldn’t at least bring herself to feign sadness at the discovery? Bad move Liz! But no she’s in total control that’s what she wants us to see. She is strong and excited about everything. That bouncing cowlick on top of her head is particularly annoying. Because she shakes her head so much to show us her enthusiasm. It is to my amazement that she hasn’t already given herself shaken baby syndrome. She did have more speaking time than the others because when they weren’t attacking Donald Trump they were attacking Elizabeth. 

What they all agreed upon was their unified disdain for our President. Each competing in expressing their hateful outrage. They wanted him impeached. That was clearly evident. But they based their assertions on the lies that the media has spoon-fed to them like pablum. They will never admit this but I think that they all know better yet they are themselves in collusion with MSM directives and operatives like George Soros. Their goal is to get our duly elected President out of office. And because their premise is based on hate in and of itself they will undoubtedly fail. There is no reason to get excited about the Democratic Party today. So impeaching Trump is on the menu. What else can they talk about that would garner the excitement and loyalty from a defunct party whose claims to fame include the killing infants and more governmental control of its citizens? Oh yes, they do intend on saving the planet all by themselves by controlling us. They want to control the planet but refuse to control our borders. The dems want to lay down a beautiful welcome mat for any foreigner by offering free food, free college, and free healthcare!!! To all who cross our border legally or illegally. Come one! Come all! It’s going to be difficult to get right-thinking Americans on board with that. They are not concerned with what we think at all, only how they feel.

Beto is out! All but a couple will be dropping like flies soon. With Biden and Warren on the top tier, it will be interesting to see who drops out next. Got any guesses?

Painting “Scottish Fold” by Kat Hatch


God Bless America

Thanks for your patience! I’m in the process of starting a YouTube Channel based on my blog. It is a learning process for me but I’m growing all the time as a person. No, I have not gained weight. But I want to grow in communicating with you. These are terrible times indeed because we stand to lose so much that was fought for so hard by our ancestors. The freedoms that we take for granted today are being chopped, diced, processed and delivered on a platter to many who will never appreciate what has happened in our American history. I will not stand by and say nothing. Freedom of speech will be the first to go as we can all see in the policing of political correctness. Every word from our President is dissected to a point of oblivion by those we once trusted with information and our education. They are no longer worthy of our trust. Keeping this short, please bear with me as I challenge the status quo. Once my production is ready I hope you will remain with me as we venture as an American family into an unknown future but ready for the fight. My blog will also continue each as a compliment to the other medium. Stay with me friends. God Bless you and God Bless America!


Don’t Be Like Eve

Obvious news bais against President Donald J. Trump exposes most professional journalists as having lost all self-respect.  Not shy at all they gleefully present dissension in the Trump administration with smiles on their faces as if they had just opened wide a wrapped birthday present. The actual news is almost incidental to their not so hidden agenda. There is no shame about their lack of professionalism. Reporters are not even embarrassed when they get the story blatantly wrong, which is often.  Retractions would be a noble gift but they have become a rare commodity in the news arena. What was once considered ‘yellow journalism’ is now standard news. What passes for journalism these days would have been considered propaganda fifty years ago. In fact, I’m not quite sure that the FCC still exists. It is impossible to tell where journalism news ends and where the Democratic Party begins.

News professionals(using that term loosely) have redefined their role since the days of Walter Cronkite. Looking with nostalgia at old news footage one can tearfully see that at least back then reporters attempted to be objective in their reporting. On and off-camera, they took pride in being ethical and objective. Then without so much as a warning shot the Democrats maimed those bastions of truth in reporting. The days of objective reporting took several hits in the name of progressivism. Cronkite informed us with facts that were verifiable. We trusted the field of journalism because its purpose was to give us information that helped us make educated decisions based on facts and reality. Sadly, those days are gone. Sayonara. Over! Not coming back! They are not even trying to make a come back.  I’ve said it before, and I declare here,” Journalism is officially dead!” We bid it adieu. The actual news is almost incidental to their not so hidden agenda. Reporters are not even embarrassed when they get the story blatantly wrong, which is often. Retractions would be a noble gift but they have become a rare commodity. What was once considered ‘yellow journalism’ is now standard news. What passes for journalism these days would have been considered propaganda fifty years ago. In fact, I’m not quite sure that the FCC still exists

We must finally eulogize this long lost skill of presenting the facts without spin. We lament because we never got a chance to truly mourn the death of journalism. We never got to say goodbye. I’ll risk being cliche when I say, “We never had any closure.” When did we have time? The news cycle is 24 hours a day for seven days a week. We didn’t have a chance to catch our breath let alone give it a respectable funeral. Before we knew it the next big story(fake or otherwise) dominated the mindsets and musings of our present-day talking heads. Democrats own the media and that’s been no big secret. For the most part, the largest media outlets are beholden to the Democratic Party. They develop their narratives as a team. Purposefully they perpetuate what they want the public to believe. There are no nuances to consider in their stories. But there must be some kind of a requirement to use the exact same descriptions and the exact same phraseology on every television reporting station. The politicians also follow the same game plan. They are bold about it and do not ask our forgiveness in regard to their lack of principals.  And character? Most reporters would have to google that word. The MSM and Democrats are at this time in history one and the same creature. But if real journalism is dead how is it that the Democratic Party still exists?

Have you ever tried to kill a snake? I have killed several. I hate snakes more than anything in this world. Back in the late ’90s on a beautiful sunny day, I opened the backdoor of my kitchen to find a young rattler on my saltillo tiled back porch. I tapped at it with my wooden mop stick, thinking it would crawl away out of fear. It didn’t. It lunged at me not striking but close enough So, I took that mopstick and I repeatedly smashed its head. I was mad that it wouldn’t go away and I was even angrier that now there was yucky snake blood on my freshly cleaned porch.  It clearly had no fear of me and continued to advanced toward me. The nerve of that thing! I kept smashing and smashing! I think that I began to perspire! Pretty soon there was no part of his head that was recognizable. Dang it! It was still moving. Why was it not dead? I couldn’t have my kids come home from school to a half-dead rattlesnake on the porch. So I went to the garage and found a long-handled flat shovel. I scooped it up that revolting thing. I put it in a metal bucket. I couldn’t throw it away as it was still alive and slithering with no head. I pushed the bucket containing my newest enemy to the middle of the driveway away from the house. As I poured lighter fluid on top of this invader, I told him  “You came to the wrong house”. I’m sure he would’ve agreed. I set that blasted thing on fire. Surely this would do the trick. When finally the fire died down I went back to the bucket and I kid you not that thing was still slithering, maybe a little bit. Thankfully it had fully expired by the time my little lambs came home. When they came in after school I didn’t say a thing, because the last time I sent a snake to hell one of my boys cried out and said, “Mom! You just killed mother nature!” I thought even back then, ‘what are they teaching my kids at that school?’. When my dear husband got home he disposed of it. Thank God we had a fair division of labor in my home. I don’t know where that snake’s corpse ended up. And to this day l really don’t care. But it wasn’t going to be at my home to bite my kids. That I knew for sure.

My point in telling this brief part of my personal history is to describe exactly who the Democratic Party and the media are. The only difference is that they are a snake of the two-headed variety.  Dicephalic snakes are rare but they are found in nature. The two heads fight each other for food even though they share the same digestive tract. These creatures are quite deadly in their quest to survive in the wild. They are morally dead because they are there to possibly hurt your children. So you try to get rid of them. But they stubbornly refuse to just die. I trust Democrats and the MSM about as much as I trusted that rattler at my home. We’ve all seen it. They are as sly and slithery as a serpent. The two heads act in unison. No matter what emergency the democrat dicephalic snake has invented they use the exact same wording to describe the commotion. “Existential threat”, “Manufactured Crisis”, “Russian Collusion” the list goes on. And they don’t stop. The same chosen words are heard over a hundred times a day across all forms of news media. Democratic politicians are in perfect sync vocally. Because just maybe if the people, who they have absolutely no respect for, hear the same lie long enough and often enough, we the intended mark of the con, will start to believe it. There are those who do not have well-formed discernment skills that trust this serpent. We are all pursued relentlessly if we dare to use our phones, TVs, and computers. It is a spectacle!  We rubberneck watch daily as if we were passing a car accident. This is their pattern to the detriment of truth. Truth is foreign to this predator. This two-headed species gives us a performance that can only be worthy of the title “Freak Show”.

Leftists are usually globalists, as one of my old (with an emphasis on ‘old’ if she’s reading this) leftist friends said to me, “I am a citizen of the world!” That’s globalism and environmental worship all wrapped into one statement. As if caring for the world is a nobler cause then caring for the country that breastfed you. For the party of the left, loyalty to America takes a backseat to their feverish attempt to gain power. Ungrateful for the sacrifices made that obtained this free society they are prepared to sell us out in the interest of global concerns rather than our own. Globalism is their god and environmentalism is their savior. This is the New Age serpent form of worship. The world comes before the country and individuals. For them, there is no loyalty to our country, only to the earth as a whole. Their motivations become intense because they really believe that the earth itself is the greater good. It is a mysterious passion to most unless you understand that they are copying Christ and His Church. That is how satan operates. He mimics Christ disrespectfully and people go along because it seems so familiar. He reinvents the wheel. Rather than developing morals and values based on God and scripture they are fully committed to saving the planet. Even though the planet isn’t going anywhere. That is their baseline.

The only way that they believe they can save the planet is by controlling the behavior of the people on earth. In other words, people don’t behave themselves because there is a God to whom they answer. People will behave according to the left’s ideology out of a sense of duty and a natural affiliation to the planet.  One of the functions of all religions is to give us guidelines as to how we live with one another here on earth. The Judeo-Christians feel guilt when they have offended God. The global-enviro person feels guilty when they offend the earth. Of course, we all want to keep a beautiful planet. That’s why it is so easy to get sucked into this new religion. Rather than confessing your sins to a priest or an assembly young people now go to facebook or a television program like Maury Povich and discuss all kinds of sinful behavior without shame. (the confessional) The media is a sacrament to the masses. The newer generation feels more guilt about not recycling than they do about having premarital sex or having an abortion. That is progressivism. It doesn’t look like progress to me. But this is where we are as a culture.

When the world becomes the source of one’s moral compass all sorts of degrading sin becomes acceptable. We didn’t know where we were headed when that iconic television ad campaign compelled all of us to stop littering. The Native American man on a horse or in a canoe, he sees litter on the ground and tears fall from his eyes. I was forever changed. I’m glad that I don’t litter. But I didn’t understand at that time the power of the media. Until I saw it is abused by propagandists.  The mass media is one head of the two-headed snake. We licensed it to control what we thought about, the words we used and the clothes we wore. Of course, the beast of the Democratic Party (the other head) had to seize that opportunity. Who could resist the temptation? They could control the conversation of the entire nation with a well-planned ad campaign. They were now able to manipulate the minds of Americans. Did the left use the media for good or evil? Was it for love or hate? Under the pretense of loving America, liberal Democrats charged ever further left as if to jump off of a cliff into the abyss. That is where they are taking America. If we allow it.

We are in the midst of a pivotal presidential election. On the right, we have President Donald Trump. On the left at this point is anybody’s guess. Democrats will join forces with anyone who shares their hatred for President Trump and those that voted for him. While liberals point the finger at any and all things as hate; hate crimes, hate speech and let’s not forget their abuse of the words race, racist and racism. While they abuse words they strong-arm the rest of us policing our usage of words. The culprit here is leftist college campuses. They maintain the new word rules. The rest of the country simply adopts these language rule changes. I’ll not make a list here of the new offensive words that were just fine 15 years ago. One reason is that the list is too long. The other reason is that it changes every week on the whim of some college professor or more than likely a student. They have a lot of euphemisms for the word ‘hate’ when it applies to themselves.  They are very good at turning words around and upside down making them sound palatable. When they hate morals they call it ‘progressive’. When they hate the consequences of sin they call that ‘reproductive rights’! When they hate religion they say there are too many rules and they don’t need God anymore. They are the gods now, and they are going to control the climate (i.e.the world)! That’s their spirituality.

We are being mentally and emotionally violated by the Democratic beast and its other head the media. Narratives are their venom. Week after week they create an almost rhythmic pattern of deception directed at the American people. Since the election of President Trump, a series of allegations, investigations, and phony shocking revelations have been churned out to the public in rapid succession. When one genuinely fake story doesn’t pan out, they’ve already collaborated in their dishonesty to deliver a new and even more astonishing tale. Each of these concocted accusations contains some morsel of truth to stoke believability.  It is then presented to the public as truth often leaving out the word ‘allegedly.’ They just don’t care what decent people think. It is obvious that they don’t care how we voted in 2016. Their constant attempts to usurp the rightful authority of our sitting President and the citizens that elected him are wearing on our collective nerves thin. They want to reverse the will of the people and there will be a price to pay. These actions don’t come without a reactive force (Newton’s third law of physics). The Democrats’ policies mostly involve imposing their will on the people. They want to make us eat less red meat. They want to tell us what cars we can drive.  They force socialistic curriculums on our public school systems. They want to tell us when and where we can pray. And with the absurdity of political correctness, they monitor each other and everyone else. Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs for not being politically correct. What is it called when one entity forces its will on another that is unwanted? It’s called rape. Maybe not in a sexual nature but certainly in a mental one. 

So far, the Republican party has been arthritic in its response to the loss of individual rights and freedoms. I’m ashamed to say they’ve done little to nothing. It reads like a brother standing there watching his sister get raped. I expect action and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The diabolical efforts of the left have to be put to a stop. Republican leaders must at the very least make us believe that they are not spineless. You would think that their sense of self-preservation alone would prompt the leaders on the right to advance with some sort of vigor. Those who give a show of strength and passion, who fight these evil forces will be re-elected. Those who stand impotent waving their weak hands in the air as if they just don’t know what to do will be remembered as the Lily-livered cowards that they are. They may as well practice putting their tails between their legs because the American people have had enough. And we expected so much more.

In the Bible the serpent represents evil.  The serpent tricks Adam and Eve by telling them that they will be like God. They lived in a perfect garden with all that they needed but they wanted what they thought was more. Much like the serpent, the Democratic Party promises that with your vote mankind can control the world, which includes the weather and the food that you eat  (and be like God). Eve fell for that one. Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree and encouraged her husband Adam to do the same. But it was a trick! This is the same shell game that Americans get from the Democratic Party, at least every four years. 

I’m reminded of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. Satan the father of all lies tempted Jesus with all the riches and kingdoms of the world if only Jesus would bow down to him.  The candidates from the Democratic Party are following suit in promises of reparations, free college, free healthcare, and some even promise cash! We know that like Satan’s offer these too are empty promises because ultimately they want us to bow down the U.S. government. They really want the power to make our decisions for us. The liberal powers that be don’t believe that we the people are capable of making good decisions on our own. Socialist Democrats want to tell us what kind of food we can eat, what kind of transportation we can use and how and where we get our education. The list of responsibilities that the left wants to relieve us of is really a means of gaining more power over our lives. Leaving us defenseless (taking our guns) and at the mercy of the leftist government elitists. The enemy tempted with food to a fasting and hungry Jesus forgetting that He is also divine. But humans are greedy. Expanding all of these benefits to illegals is just the politician’s way of controlling them too.  But the wise have learned that there is no free lunch. All of these promises are empty temptations that will chop away at our freedom. Because we know that nothing is ever really free in this world. There’s a hefty price to pay for all of these goodies. It is a price that we simply can’t afford, that being our souls. Being beholden to the government would be like bowing down to Satan. But he just keeps coming just like that snake on my porch. They’ve got a lot of nerve.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also remember the yes of Mary (Luke 1 vs 38). Eve disobeyed God by listening to the serpent which brought us murder, painful childbirth, toil, and original sin.  Mary’s perfect obedience and her ‘yes’ to God brought us Jesus Christ and His salvation for us. In a nutshell, don’t be like Eve. Don’t buy the serpent’s lies. Be like Mary…listen to God.

Top painting: Mother Mary 16″x 20″ By Kathy Hatch

Photo of the foot of my Marian Statue

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